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Host Institutions: John Cabot University - Semester/Academic Year and Summer program
Eligibility Rules: click here
Credits: Semester students earn 12-18 semester credits at John Cabot University. Summer students earn up to 6 semester credits per summer session. Credits and final transcript are issued by John Cabot University.
Language: Open to students with any level of Italian language ability. Italian Language classes are taught in Italian. Electives are taught in English.
Academic Focus at John Cabot University: Italian language, Art History, Studio Art, Business, English Literature, History, Math, Science, Computing, Modern Language & Literature, Political & Social Science.
Curriculum at John Cabot University: Semester students are encouraged to take an Italian language course plus 3-4 elective courses, for a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 18. Summer students take 2 courses for a total of 6 semester credits.
Housing: Students live in a shared student apartment. Meals are not included, but each apartment has a fully equipped kitchen. (Requires a damage deposit of €100 and a key deposit of €50, paid in cash upon move-in.)
Sample Day Excursions: Tuscany, Canoe trip to Lake Bracciano, Pompeii, Assisi, Tivoli
Sample Overnight Excursion: Ventotene Island

Why Rome?

  • One of the world's greatest and most historical cities
  • Amazing art and architecture
  • Never-ending list of things to do including concerts, plays, soccer matches, etc.


City Description - Large city of 2.65 million residents

You've no doubt heard the saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Well, at ASA, we firmly believe it. We encourage our students to engage in the day-to-day life of Rome as much as possible to truly get a taste of the Italian existence. Luckily for you, there's no shortage of things to do and see in the Eternal City.

As a student at John Cabot University, the city of Rome will be your campus. There's a myriad of museums to visit, concerts to attend, and monuments to see. There's the world-renowned Teatro dell'Opera di Roma, an untold number of medieval churches concealing artistic masterpieces, and the quaint charm of open-air markets. Of course you can't forget all the sites you've seen a million times in history books: the Coliseum, Roman Forum, Sistine Chapel, Vittorio Emanuele monument, St. Peter's Cathedral, and the Pantheon itself are all sure to take your breath away. But you'll also be encouraged to wander off the beaten track and experience all sides of Rome, getting to truly study, know , and appreciate the city as more than just a tourist.

Buy tickets to a soccer game at the stadium and cheer on AS Roma, an experience so thrilling it's sure to give a whole new meaning to the term "team spirit." Participate in La Notte Bianca, the biannual event where all the museums, shops, and restaurants in Rome stay open for 24-hours and the entire city is lit up throughout the night. Take a tour of Cinecittà, the center of Italian cinema founded by Benito Mussolini. Shop for groceries at an outdoor market and buy flowers for your windowsill. Wander down Foro Imperiali and watch the street mimes, or attend the Pope's weekly mass at the Vatican. Rome is both ancient and modern, both strikingly international and archly devoted to its unique Roman heritage. In a city teeming with students, businessmen, travelers and dreamers, you'll have no trouble getting caught up in the pulse of Rome.

While the staff at John Cabot University will do their best to publicize the endless number of events going on in the city, students are also encouraged to venture out on their own and experience all Rome has to offer.

John Cabot University

Founded in 1972, John Cabot University is licensed by the Department of Education of the State of Delaware, accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association, and authorized by the Government of Italy to operate as an American four-year university in Italy.

Located in the heart of the Eternal City, in the beautiful compound of the Italian National Academy of Sciences, John Cabot is a unique place. It combines the best qualities of American liberal arts education, with the history and rich cultural heritage of Rome, a city that is at the same time one of the cradles of western civilization and a vibrant center of international life.

The University provides a wide range of student services and activities in support of the academic program, including theatre, opera and musical productions, cooking classes, as well as lectures, cultural visits and guided tours.

John Cabot University offers a number of theatrical opportunities for students - they even have their own theatre group, giving students the opportunity to perform in or contribute to English-speaking play productions. The university also hosts performances of an Italian theatre company called La Compagnia Urbana, which is a great chance for students to work on their Italian language comprehension. Finally, you can have the chance to write and perform in an Italian play production by taking the Italian Studies Theatre course.

Of course, you can't come to Rome and miss going to the opera! Each semester, John Cabot organizes discounted trips to Teatro Nazionale for productions such as La Nozze di Figaro and Il Rigoletto. During the summer sessions, you can take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy operas such as Il Turco in Italia and Aida at the beautiful and historic Terme di Caracella, one of the oldest and best preserved ancient thermal spas in Rome.

Most students look forward to doing some traveling while abroad. The Student Services staff is there to help you with your travel plans. They can provide information about local travel agencies that cater to JCU students. Recent destinations provided by local agencies and tour operators have included Tuscany, Siena, Perugia, Naples, Pompeii, Capri and beyond Italy, plus skiing, canoeing and mountain trekking adventures. You can also talk to the agencies and tour operators during Orientation Week.

In keeping with the Latin motto, mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a healthy body), John Cabot provides students with a variety of athletic opportunities, including soccer teams, discounted memberships to neighborhood gyms and even belly dancing classes. The John Cabot Men's Gladiators Soccer Team is one of the 12 teams in the League of Roman Universities which competes every year from September to May, playing a standard 11-a-side game. The Women's Gladiators Soccer Team also plays in the Roman Universities League, which is composed of 6 teams that play Calcetto (Italian 5-a-side soccer).


Course Offerings

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Costs and Dates

*NOTE: In addition to the ASA program price, students must pay a damage deposit of $250 at least one month prior to departure.

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DatesPriceApplication DeadlineForms & Payment DeadlineProgram Code Apply Online
Spring 2011 Jan. 11 - May 7 $15,800 May 1, '10 May 15, '10 RIS Click Here
Summer I 2011 May 18 - June 25 (3 credits) $5,800 Apr. 1, '11 Apr. 15, '11 RISU1A Click Here
Summer I 2011 May 18 - June 25(6 credits) $6,900 Apr. 1, '11 Apr. 15, '11 RISU1B Click Here
Summer II 2010 June 29 - Aug. 6 (3 credits) $5,800
Apr. 1, '11 Apr. 15, '11 RISU2A Click Here
Summer II 2010 June 29 - Aug. 6 (6 credits) $6,900
Apr. 1, '11 Apr. 15, '11 RISU2B Click Here
Fall 2010 Aug. 30 - Dec. 17 $15,800 June 1, '11 June 15, '11 RIF Click Here

What's Included:

  • ACADEMIC CREDITS: Students who receive pre-approval from their home institution can transfer the credits they earn in Rome to their home institution. It is possible to earn 12-17 credits per semester at John Cabot University. Summer students will earn 3-6 credits per summer program. Credits are issued by John Cabot University, a fully accredited U.S. university.

  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: An official transcript from John Cabot University, a fully accredited U.S. university, is sent to your home university upon completion of the program.

  • HOUSING: Students live in a shared student apartment with other students from the program. No meals are included, but every apartment has a kitchen. (Requires a damage deposit of 100 euro and a key deposit of 50 euro, paid in cash upon move-in.)

  • TUITION: Full tuition is included at John Cabot University in Rome. A limited number of classes have additional lab fees for academic field trips that must be paid by the student.

  • AIRPORT PICK-UP: Ground transportation is provided from the Rome airport for students who arrive in Rome on the official arrival date, by the designated time. For details on when you should arrive in order to make the airport pick-up, read our FAQs.

  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: Medical insurance is provided for the official period of the program. Medical insurance extensions can also be provided for an additional fee.

  • INTERNET ACCESS: Students will have wireless internet access in the academic buildings on campus. Students are encouraged to bring their laptops.

  • DAY & OVERNIGHT EXCURSIONS: All students on the ASA Rome program at John Cabot University will go on 1 overnight excursion and 2 day excursions during the summer or semester program.

  • CELL PHONE: All students on the ASA Rome program receive a cell phone to use while they are in Rome. (All phone usage such as phone calls, text messages, etc. is the responsibility of the student.)

  • ORIENTATION GUIDE: About a month before departure, you will receive our pre-departure orientation guide that tells you everything from what to pack, to what things cost, to a guide to speaking Italian. ASA also sends parents our Parent Guide to Study Abroad after the student has been accepted.

  • ISIC CARD: Students will receive an International Student ID Card along with their orientation guide. This card gives students discounts on travel, shopping, museums, and much more.

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Damage/key deposit totaling 150 euro (approx. US$210), paid during housing check-in refundable upon departure
  • Books for classes some classes such as art history will require additional fees for academic field trips
  • Personal expenses
  • Local transportation
  • Student Visa & Permit to Stay
  • Meals, laundry

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NOTE: Above estimated costs are subject to change. If you need a "Costs of Attendance" list for your financial aid office, or simply need more details about the additional costs listed above, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Program Calendar

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