Payment Options

ASA accepts the following payment methods:

1) Personal or cashier’s check made payable to Academic Studies Abroad. Please mail your check to:

Academic Studies Abroad
16 Cohasset Street
Roslindale MA, 02131
tel: 617-327-9388

2) E-check – transfer payment from your checking or savings account to ours. There is NO FEE for this service.  (The fee of $1.00 that appears on your transaction will be charged to ASA and not to you.)  The maximum amount you can send per e-check is $15,000.00.  If you wish to make payment for more than $15,000, please do so in 2 separate e-checks.  For example, you could pay the maximum amount in the first e-check and the remainder in the second.  Once again, there is NO FEE for this service.  No matter how many e-checks you send, you will not be charged a fee.

To pay by e-check, click here!