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Quick Facts

Host Institution:

IAU: The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, The French Honors Program, and The Marchutz School of Fine Arts – Semester, Academic Year, Summer

In addition, we offer January Term Traveling Seminar Programs through IAU, where students visit several different countries/cities during a 2 to 3-week trip!

Semester students have the option to participate in the Early Start Program, where you arrive a week early to brush up on your French and get to know your new city.  If you haven’t taken French in a while, are unsure of your language skills, or would just like some extra time to settle in, Early Start is the perfect opportunity to gain confidence and get a leg up on your peers!

Eligibility Rules: click here
Language/Academic Focus: Courses are available in French and English. Subject areas include French Language and Culture, Archaeology, Art, Art History, Business, Economics, Education, Political Science, History, Literature, Philosophy, Psychology and more. (Click here for Course Offerings)

Volunteer Opportunities:

Semester students in Aix-en-Provence will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities (not for credit). A minimum Intermediate level of French is required to participate in volunteer activities.

  • English language tutor for schoolchildren ages 9-14
  • English language tutor for adults ages 19-28 who are going back to school to try and pass their BAC
  • Trimming olive trees on local farms
  • Planting trees on Mte. Ste Victoire (Spring semester only because of planting season)
  • Volunteering in a soup kitchen (December only)
Internship Opportunities: Please click here to learn about our semester Internship Opportunities in Aix-en-Provence!
Housing: All students live with French host families. Daily breakfast, 6 dinners per week, Internet, and 1 load of laundry per week are included. For further details about living with a host family, please click here!
Sample Day Excursions: Luberon Valley, Isle sur la Sorgue, Gorges du Verdon, Arles & Saint Remy
Sample Overnight Excursions: Nice & Cannes

Why Aix-en-Provence?

  • Live and study in the heart of southern France!
  • 1/3 of Aix’s population is made up of students
  • Has a unique Mediterranean feel, breathtaking scenery and nature
  • Fantastic open-air farmer’s markets
  • School buildings are located in the oldest section of town
  • One of Europe’s centers of learning for Law, History and the Arts

City Description – Small city of 130,000

Aix-en-Provence is located in the south of France in the region of Provence, along the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can experience traditional French culture in an intimate, accessible setting.

Provence is a breathtaking mixture of rolling countryside and medieval towns and cities. Not only is it a place of amazing beauty, but it is also known for offering some of the best cuisine in the world, using the freshest, local ingredients. Provence is one of the wealthiest regions of France, its famous resorts attracting tourists from all over the world. Because it is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea, Provence has a beautiful, mild climate. There are an average of 300 days of sunshine a year, creating a sense of light and warmth, as well as a very relaxed atmosphere.

A quaint yet elegant university town, Aix-en-Provence was founded by the Romans in 123 BC. It has been an important educational center in France since the 1400’s, a tradition that IAU carries on in their varied offerings for American students. Aix-en-Provence is also known for its beloved painter, Paul Cézanne, whose works were inspired by the landscape surrounding the city.

Summertime in Aix-en-Provence is filled with music, when two annual festivals gather world-class musicians and directors. You can find classical, jazz, and popular music emanating from outdoor theatres and venues throughout the city.

IAU (Institute for American Universities)

The host institution, IAU (Institute for American Universities), was founded in 1957 and is one of the oldest education abroad programs in Europe. In addition, IAU is registered with the French Ministry of Education and recognized by the Rectorat of the Université d’Aix-Marseille.

IAU offers several different semester and summer program options in Aix-en-Provence: The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the French Honors Program, and The Marchutz School of Fine Arts. In addition, IAU offers several unique January Term Traveling Seminars, where students visit several different countries/cities during a 2-3 week trip.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is open to students with any level of French, from beginner to advanced. Classes are available in both English and French in a variety of subject areas. It is mandatory for semester students to take at least one French class, plus additional classes to total 15-18 semester credits. It is not mandatory to take French during the summer sessions; summer students may choose to take 3, 6, or 9 credits, depending on the session length.

The French Honors Program at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences

The French Honors Program is available during both semester and summer terms at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences and is designed for advanced French students and French majors as an opportunity to live and study in a 100% French-speaking environment. This program gives students a full immersion experience, plus optional internships. To participate, students should have taken at least 4 semesters of college French (or equivalent).

All French Honors semester students must take a mandatory French Honors seminar course plus 4 additional classes of their choosing in French at the 300- or 400-level.  French Honors summer students will take a mandatory French Honors seminar course plus 1-2 additional classes of their choosing in French. Semester students must maintain at least 13 credits of classes in French (only one class may be taken in English). Summer students on the French Honors Program must take all classes in French.

For full details about the French Honors Program, click here.

The Marchutz School of Fine Arts

The Marchutz School of Fine Arts offers an interdisciplinary and holistic fine arts program that is open to students with any level of French and any level of art background. Through this unique program, studio art production is combined with study in the liberal arts disciplines. Your art studies will include spontaneous perceptual painting and drawing, intensive critical dialogue, extensive museum visits, and a community of students and artists at all levels.

Located on the “Route de Cézanne,” the school’s location on the outskirts of Aix-en-Provence has many advantages. Among them are its light-filled space, the studio’s proximity to the famed Chateaunoir and Saint Victoire, and most importantly, its calm and contemplative atmosphere, conducive to sustained, artistic concentration.

The goal of the Marchutz art program is to help you develop a holistic approach to the study of art and art making. It will enhance your capacity to see and your awareness of the relationship between perception and imagination. You will form an integrative relationship between knowledge and intuition, perception and concept, and self-expression and global awareness. You will draw and paint – every day, if possible, working from models, children, musicians, and dancers. You will interrelate figure drawing, portraiture, landscape, and still-life with interpretive copies of master works, memory work, and sketchbook journals. Study in museums and reading/writing assignments explore the correspondences between natural and artistic forms, and finally, group and individual critiques are integral to each student’s process.

Excursions and museum visits are an integral part of the Marchutz program and are included with your program fees. Students will visit small towns and villages, such as St. Remy, Arles, and the Luberon Valley. In addition, semester students typically go on a longer painting trip to Paris, Giverny, or Venice.

Semester students attending the Marchutz School of Fine Arts will take 3 mandatory core art classes: Painting, Drawing, and Art Criticism. In addition, you’ll take one French language class and one elective of your choosing at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Summer students at Marchutz will take 2 core art classes: Art Criticism, and a Painting & Drawing class. In addition, summer students may take an optional 3rd course of their choosing at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences (additional fee required).


All students live with French host families. Daily breakfast, 6 dinners per week, and 1 load of laundry per week are included. All ASA student housing includes Internet access and is located in safe neighborhoods, within a reasonable distance from school. Full details about ASA housing, as well as answers to commonly asked questions, can be found on our Housing page.

Early Start Program

ASA is pleased to offer an Early Start Program in conjunction with our Fall and Spring Semester programs in Aix-en-Provence. Early Start is available to students attending The School of Humanities and Social Sciences, as well as The Marchutz School of Fine Arts.

The Early Start Program begins one week before the semester starts and is designed to help students at any French level get the most out of their semester.  Early Start is an opportunity for students to brush up on their French in a fun and relaxed environment.  In addition, you’ll have an extra week to settle in and get adjusted to life in France.  If you haven’t taken French in a while or are just feeling unsure about your language ability, the Early Start program will help you feel more comfortable.  Students who participate in Early Start will earn 1 credit, consisting of 15 in-class hours. For full details on the Early Start Program, please click here!

January Term Traveling Seminar Trips

Every January, several exciting multi-country, short-term programs are available to ASA students through IAU! Each January Term Traveling Seminar is 2-3 weeks long and includes visits to several different countries/cities in one trip, as well as 3 academic credits! Each J-Term trip has a different academic focus and will take you to a variety of unique destinations.

J-Term can be treated as a stand-alone program, or it may be combined with any ASA Spring semester program (the start date of your semester permitting). We are currently accepting applications for January Term 2019! You may apply at any time, as we are on rolling admissions. We recommend securing your space early for our J-Term 2019 program because in 2018, some trips were already full before the application deadline. In order to secure your space, we need to complete ASA’s application and submit a non-refundable $1,500 Down Payment by Sept. 1, 2018. For complete details, including sample itineraries, for all our J-Term Traveling Seminar trips, please click here!


ASA students with an advanced level of French, attending a semester or academic year program in Aix-en-Provence may have the opportunity to participate in an internship at a French company/organization while also earning credit!  Participating in an internship is a fantastic way to gain a deeper cultural immersion, improve your French, and meet local people.  Internships are available in a variety areas, such as Communications, Journalism, Tourism/Hospitality, Culinary Arts, Education/Teaching, Marketing, Sales, Business Management and more.  For full details about Internship opportunities in Aix-en-Provence, please click here!


The School of Humanities and Social Sciences semester program includes 2 day excursions. The Marchutz School of Fine Arts semester program includes 1 overnight excursion plus museum visits. 6-week summer programs include 2 day excursions, and 3-week summer programs include 1 day excursion. Destinations may vary term. Past terms have included trips to:

  • Le Luberon (day excursion) – Renowned for its natural beauty, Le Luberon is a typical Provençal countryside featuring quaint hilltop villages, stone houses, vineyards, olive groves, and fields of lavender and sunflowers. In the village of Lourmarin, a Renaissance chateau that was once a fortress now hosts concerts and art exhibitions in this very fashionable town.
  • Moustiers & Lac de Sainte Croix (day excursion) – Moustiers Ste Marie is a medieval village where you can explore the picturesque streets and enjoy a fantastic panoramic view from a 12th century chapel. We’ll also visit the Lac de Saint Croix, a lake known for its beaches and water sports.
  • Giverny / Venice (overnight trip- Marchutz School of Fine Arts only) – The Marchutz School of Fine Arts includes one unforgettable, multi-day painting trip every semester. Fall semester students typically enjoy a trip to Giverny, where they will paint and draw in Monet’s garden. Spring students typically visit Venice, where they will paint and draw along the famous canals and lagoon.

Costs and Dates

Please CLICK HERE for Costs and Dates.

What’s Included – Semester and Summer programs in Aix-en-Provence

(For a list of what’s included with the January Term Traveling Seminar program, please click here.)

  • ROOM & BOARD with a French host family.  Daily breakfast, 6 dinners per week, Internet, and 1 load of laundry per week are included.  Rooms are double or single occupancy.  We cannot guarantee you a single room. For further information about living with a host family, please click here!
  • TUITION at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences or The Marchutz School of Fine Arts.  Semester students may enroll in a maximum of 18 U.S. semester credits.  Summer students may enroll in 3, 6, or 9 U.S. semester credits.  (Summer program price varies depending on how many credits you take.)  Enrolling in more than the maximum number of credits (if permitted by the host institution) will result in an additional fee.  Some classes carry additional fees  for materials which are NOT included and must be paid for by the student.
  • ACADEMIC CREDITS: Students who receive pre-approval from their home institution can transfer the credits they earn to their home institution.
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Final transcript is issued by IAU.  Upon completion of the program, ASA will provide one free shipment of your final transcript to your U.S. institution.  If your home institution requires an official transcript from an accredited U.S. institution, you may receive one from Truman State University for an additional fee of $500.  If you need a TSU transcript, please be sure to notify us at least 3 months prior to departure.
  • TEXTBOOKS are provided on loan and must be returned to IAU at the end of the term.  For students enrolled in the Marchutz School of Fine Arts program, art supplies/materials are provided (included) for the mandatory Marchutz core art courses.
  • EXCURSIONS, The School of Humanities and Social Sciences: 2 day excursions (Semester programs and 6-week Summer programs).  1 day excursion (3-week Summer programs). Locations to be decided. Meals on excursions are not included.
  • EXCURSIONS, The Marchutz School of Fine Arts: 1 overnight excursion (Semester programs). 2 day excursions (6-week Summer programs). 1 day excursion (3-week Summer programs). Locations to be decided. Meals on excursions are not included.
  • CULTURAL ACTIVITIES within Aix-en-Provence (museum visits, walking tours, etc.)
  • INTERNET ACCESS: Students will have free Internet access on the IAU campus and in their program housing.
  • AIRPORT PICK-UP: Group ground transportation is provided from Marseilles (MRS) airport for students who arrive on the official arrival date, by the designated time.
  • SITE DIRECTOR: Students will have an on-site director to assist them with any academic or cultural difficulties they may encounter.
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: Comprehensive international medical insurance is included.  For full details on benefits and coverage, please click here.
  • VISA ADVISING: While students are ultimately responsible for obtaining their visa (if required for their term/host country), ASA will provide detailed, helpful information upon acceptance as to which visa students will need and how to go about applying for one.  Please click here and scroll down to “Student Visa Information” to find out if a visa is required for your program.

Not Included:

  • Round-trip airfare and travel expenses to and from the program location
  • Materials fees
  • Local transportation
  • Personal expenses
  • Daily lunch, one dinner per week
  • Meals on excursions
  • Student Visa and registration with Immigration Office in France (if required for your program)
  • Transportation from the airport if the student does not arrive on the official arrival date by the designated time
  • Transportation back to the airport at the end of the program
  • For academic year students or those enrolling in more than one session, room and board and all other ASA services and benefits are not provided during the break between sessions.

Click here for Billing Information and Cancellation/Refund Policy

NOTE: If you need a “Costs of Attendance” budget for your financial aid office, or if you simply want an estimate of the not-included costs listed above, please click here.

Program Itinerary

Please CLICK HERE for detailed program itineraries.


If you have questions about HOW TO APPLY and make sure your credits transfer back to your home university, please CLICK HERE.

We encourage both prospective students and parents, as well as those who have already been accepted to an ASA program, to visit our INFORMATION LIBRARY. Here you will find tons of helpful info to help you know what to plan for and what to expect, such as:

  • ASA Guide to Study Abroad
  • Student Visa info
  • Medical Insurance info
  • Booking your flight
  • Financial Aid info