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Quick Facts

Host Institutions: Oxford Brookes University - Semester/Academic Year program
Eligibility Rules: click here
Credits: Students can earn 12-15 semester credits per semester.
Academic Focus: Over 50 subject areas to choose from. Click here for course offerings.
Housing: Students live in on-campus apartments in the Oxford Brookes Halls of Residence. Each apartment houses 5-9 students; bedrooms are single-occupancy. No meals are included.
Sample Day Excursions: Stonehenge, Wales

Why Oxford?

  • Historic university town
  • Located just 1 hour from London by bus or train
  • Full integration with British students
  • OBU offers an extraordinarily wide variety of courses
  • 1 in every 5 residents of Oxford is a student
  • Active music scene

City Description - Small city of 140,000

Located one hour from London by bus or train, Oxford is one of the oldest and most charming university towns in the world. Once you step foot in Oxford, you'll find out what has made this city a favorite of students, scholars, writers, and tourists for close to a millennium! With a population of approximately 140,000, and breathtaking Gothic architecture, Oxford is one of the most captivating cities in Europe, as well as one of the most intellectually charged. It's no surprise that 1 in every 5 people in Oxford is a student, since it has a perfect mix of inspiration for learning with an abundance of extra-curricular possibilities.

Oxford's nickname, "The City of Dreaming Spires," reflects not only the city's striking architectural appearance, but also its creative and forward-thinking sensibilities. Oxford is rich in history, having been established as a township since the 9th century. Oxford was called "Oxenaforda" during the Saxon era (8th century), and the city of Oxford began to grow from the St. Frideswide's nunnery built in the 8th century.

The city itself was first mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle in the year 912. And of course, Oxford is home to one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, Oxford University, which traces its roots to the end of the 11th century. In fact, fans of the Harry Potter series can relive scenes from the first three Harry Potter movies, which were partially filmed on Oxford University's campus.

Today, Oxford is a diverse and cosmopolitan city that has everything one would expect - shops, theatres, museums, pubs, cinemas, markets, and countless restaurants featuring cuisines from around the world. The city also has a literary pedigree, as Oxford has more published authors per square mile than anywhere in the world, and has been the home of such well-known authors as Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, and J.R.R. Tolkien. And, Oxford is also home to the BMW Mini!

Students will find Oxford to be incredibly convenient both in location and accessibility, since almost any part of the city can be reached by foot or bus. Oxford's top-notch public bus system makes it easy for students explore their host city; plus, Oxford's train and bus stations will take you anywhere you want to go in Great Britain, for reasonable fares. There's even 24-hour bus service to and from London, costing as little as £13 (approx. US$21) round trip, which means you can visit London anytime the mood strikes. You could hop on a bus on a Sunday night to catch a West End (Broadway) show in London and make it back in time for class on Monday morning. With London just an hour's ride away, you can enjoy the best of two worlds - head off to London at a moment's notice and feel the energy of one of the world's biggest, cosmopolitan cities and then come home to Oxford's intellectual oasis to live, grow, and learn.

With Oxford's fascinating blend of the ancient and the modern, students will find themselves in the perfect spot for a semester or year abroad. It is a place whose history and people will stimulate your curiosity and desire to learn, and simultaneously fulfill your need for fun and excitement. Bustling in some parts and green and peaceful in others, Oxford has more than enough to keep you busy during your free time, yet will also inspire you to pursue your most far-off academic goals, amongst the "dreaming spires."

Oxford Brookes University

Located just minutes from the Oxford city center, Oxford Brookes University offers ASA students an ideal environment for their study abroad experience. Currently, Oxford Brookes is home to 19,000 students, 73% of whom are at the undergraduate level, and offers undergraduate classes (called "modules") in over 145 subject areas. Not only does Oxford Brookes have the top-notch academics, facilities, and opportunities that one would expect from any large U.S. university, but it is also located in one of the most historically and intellectually rich cities in the world.

Oxford Brookes University began its life as the Oxford School of Art in 1865 and changed names twice before officially becoming Oxford Brookes University in 1991. Despite being a newer university, Oxford Brookes has received several awards for excellence. For the last 10 years, Brookes has been named the "Leading Modern University" in the UK by the Sunday Times University Guide. Best of all, in a recent survey, 96% of Brookes' international students would recommend Oxford Brookes University to prospective students - and who better to advocate Oxford Brookes than students who have already studied abroad there.

With approximately 2,500 international students, you certainly won't be alone as a visiting student! Brookes provides support and guidance geared specifically toward international students, not only to help you adjust to life on campus, but also to encourage you take advantage of the countless facilities and opportunities that the university has to offer. Brookes' International Office and the International Student Advisory Centre (ISAS) are available for support anytime. These two groups plan orientation (called "induction") and social events, so you can get to know other Brookes students. Upon arrival, you will also be assigned your own personal academic advisor.

Oxford Brookes is proud to be the first university in the world to be awarded Fairtrade status, meaning everything bought and sold on campus carries the Fairtrade mark. In addition, 100% of the electricity used on campus comes from renewable resources. Brookes is committed to being an environmentally sustainable and ethically responsible place to study.

As an Oxford Brookes student, much of your on-campus life will be intertwined with the Students' Union. This organization is run by students, for students and is the center of campus nightlife and home to Brookes' 70+ active student clubs and societies. Some of these clubs include Amnesty International, Choral and Orchestral Society, Politics Society, Road Trip Society (fun!) and many other cultural and special interest groups. The Students' Union publishes a free newspaper, "OBScene," that has news and reviews, and will keep you up-to-date on what's going on around campus and in the city of Oxford. And don't forget to stop by "The Venue," which hosts several club nights per week and attracts big name bands, such as Franz Ferdinand.

Right on campus you'll find a well-stocked bookstore, cafes, and shops selling school supplies, snacks magazines, etc. The Headington Shops are just a short walk up the road from Headington Hill campus, where you'll find a pharmacy, supermarkets, gift shops, post office, and much more.

Oxford Brookes offers everything a student hopes for when they study abroad in England - a true British university experience, top-notch teaching and facilities, full integration with British students, and a multitude of course options.

The Campuses of Oxford Brookes

Brookes has 3 campuses right in Oxford: Headington, Wheatley, and Harcourt Hill. The majority of the university's modules are taught at the Headington Campus, located one mile from the city center. The Wheatley Campus covers Business, IT, and Mathematics modules and is the furthest from the city centre, seven miles. Lastly, modules in Education, Philosophy, and Media/Communication take place on Brookes' Harcourt Hill Campus, which is 2.5 miles from the city center.

Transportation to and from the campuses is not a concern though, because Oxford Brookes University has its own bus line called the Brookes Bus.  It offers service to all 3 campuses, as well as to most parts of Oxford city. In addition, the Brookes Bus makes a trip to the Tesco supermarket every weekday evening.

Costs & Dates

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What's Included - Oxford

  • HOUSING: Students live in on-campus apartments in the Oxford Brookes Halls of Residence. Each apartment houses 5-9 students; bedrooms are single-occupancy. No meals are included.
  • TUITION at Oxford Brookes University
  • ACADEMIC CREDITS: Students who receive pre-approval from their home institution can transfer the credits they earn to their home institution. Possible number of semester credits:  14-15.
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: At the conclusion of the program, an official transcript from Oxford Brookes University will be sent to your home institution.
  • CELL PHONE: ASA provides one cell phone for each student.  Students are responsible for the cost of phone usage.
  • INTERNET ACCESS at Oxford Brookes University.
  • AIRPORT PICK-UP at London Heathrow (LHR) airport for students who arrive on the official arrival date by the designated time.
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: for a Description of Coverage, please visit our Information Library.
  • VISA ADVISING: While students are ultimately responsible for obtaining their visa (if required for their term/host country), ASA will provide detailed, helpful information upon acceptance as to which visa students will need and how to go about applying for one.  Please click here and scroll down to "Student Visa Information" to find out if a visa is required for your program.

Not Included:

  • Airfare
  • Books & materials
  • Local transportation
  • Personal expenses
  • Student Visa, if required
  • Meals & laundry
  • Meals on excursions

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NOTE: If you need a "Costs of Attendance" budget for your financial aid office, or simply need more details about the additional costs listed above, please email chelsea(at)academicstudies.com.

Program Itinerary

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If you have questions about HOW TO APPLY and make sure your credits transfer back to your home university, please CLICK HERE.

We encourage both prospective students and parents, as well as those who have already been accepted to an ASA program, to visit our INFORMATION LIBRARY. Here you will find tons of helpful info to help you know what to plan for and what to expect, such as:

  • ASA Guide to Study Abroad
  • Student Visa info
  • Medical Insurance info
  • Booking your flight
  • Financial Aid info