Welcome to ASA’s Information Library!

  • This is a resource for both students and parents, where you’ll find helpful information about studying abroad with ASA. We understand that you have a lot of questions on your mind now that you’re thinking about or preparing to study abroad, and the information below will answer many of them! Below you’ll also find frequently needed forms for accepted students.
  • We strongly encourage both prospective students and parents, as well as those who have already been accepted to an ASA program, to read our Pre-Departure Guide for Students and Parents. In this guide you’ll learn tons of tips, as well as what to plan for and what to expect when you study abroad.

Our Pre-Departure Guide for Students and Parents covers the following topics:

  • Payment and Financial Aid
  • Passport
  • Vaccinations & Prescription Medication
  • Medical Care and Insurance
  • Money, Banking and Budgeting
  • Cell Phones
  • Travel Arrangements / Airport Pick-up
  • What to Pack
  • Safety
  • And more!

Our Site-Specific Guides cover topics specific to each program location, such as Student Visa, Housing, Internet access, etc:

Student Visa Information (applies to U.S. passport holders only)

IMPORTANT! DO NOT PLAN ANY INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL DURING THE 3 MONTHS PRIOR TO THE START OF YOUR PROGRAM. Students going to Spain, France, Italy or Chile for a semester/academic year and students going to the UK for an academic year - you must leave your passport at the Consulate while your visa is being processed (up to a full 60 days prior to your departure date).

How to Book your Flight

ASA International Medical Insurance Policy (included with all ASA programs)