2019 Summer Program: Maastricht University

 Summer 2019 – Maastricht, The Netherlands  click here for price  click here for dates  MNSU


Language Eligibility: No foreign language requirement.

For additional eligibility requirements such as minimum GPAclick here

Possible U.S. credits: 6 semester credits per summer session (90 contact hours total).

Final transcript is issued by Maastricht University. Classes are taken with other American and foreign students.

Maastricht, The Netherlands – Summer Course Offerings at Maastricht University

Students will take 2 classes through this program.  However, all students MUST get a total of 4 classes approved by their home institution, in case of changes in course availability or schedule conflicts. That way, if either of your top-choice classes is full or cancelled, you’ll have a back-up class that you know your school will accept for credit. When you pre-register for classes (this happens after you’re accepted), you will have to list a total of 4 possible classes on your registration form, in order of preference. Classes are worth 45 contact hours (3 semester credits) unless otherwise noted.

The Maastricht Summer Program is split in half, at the three week mark. The first three weeks is referred to as “Session I”, while the final three weeks is referred to as “Session II”. You will enroll in one course per session, also providing an alternate choice during enrollment. The course offerings for each session are listed below.


SUMMER SESSION I (first half of program)

Intercultural Communication
Entrepreneurship: it’s all about creating value
The European Union: Peace, Conflicts and Human Rights
Medical Ethics – Moral health care dilemmas and choices from a European Perspective
Marketing (skills) for the 21st Century
Dutch Art History
European Public Health in a Globalising World – introducing policy, research and practice from a European healthcare, disease prevention and health promotion perspective 

SUMMER SESSION II (second half of program)
Law and Politics: Current Topics in the European Union
Economics of European Integration – Challenges, policies & practices in the European Business Environment
Leadership and Management in a Global World
Doing business in the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe
Positive Psychology
Comparative Analysis of Global News Coverage
European welfare state: current challenges and perspectives
Creating health literate societies: bridging the gap of inequality
Financial Market Reform in the European Union