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Quick Facts

Host Institutions: Semester, Academic Year, and Summer programs. Internships are available during all programs at LSBU:

Eligibility Rules:
Academic Focus:
  • LSBU: Business, Communications/Media, Criminology, Economics, Engineering, Film, History, International Relations, Journalism, Literature, Politics, Social Policy, Theatre and more. Click here for full course offerings.
  • UAL: Advertising, Communications, Design, Fashion, Film, Fine Arts, Journalism, Media, Public Relations, Theatre and more. Click here for full course offerings.
  • LSBU: Students live in LSBU Residence Halls (single rooms) located on campus or near campus. Internet is included. Meals are not included.
  • UAL: Students live in Residence Halls (single rooms) or shared apartments (rooms may be shared) depending on availability. Internet is included. Meals are not included.
  • Click here for further details on London housing.
Sample Day Excursions: Dover Castle & Canterbury, Stonehenge & Bath,  Cambridge, Leeds Castle, Windsor Castle, Oxford
Sample Overnight Excursions: York, Wales

Why London?

  • Capital of England
  • Theatre of all types in London’s West End
  • Some of the world’s best shopping, from upscale Bond Street to the open-air Camden Market
  • Countless museums and historical sites
  • Over 300 languages spoken in the city

City Description – Large city of 7 million

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford…” Samuel Johnson

London is a city of both ancient history and 21st century modernity – a melting pot of the world’s cultures and nationalities. With a population of 7 million, 30% of whom are of overseas descent, London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Over 300 languages are spoken within its confines.

London’s museums and galleries – several of them ranking among the world’s finest – are full of treasures from Europe and beyond. Monuments from this capital’s glorious past, from medieval banquet halls to St. Paul’s Cathedral, stand alongside modern wonders such as the Tate Modern and London Eye.

For entertainment, London is truly unsurpassed. A shopping mecca, the weekend markets of Portobello and Camden offer cutting edge designs and vintage treasures, or you can hobnob with the rich and famous in Harrods department store or Oxford Street. There are hundreds of theatres, nightclubs, and bars to choose from, as well as countless British pubs renowned for their character. The home of London’s West End, Royal Opera House, London Symphony, and Royal Albert Hall, London has something for every kind of music lover.

Contrary to popular belief, London isn’t necessarily expensive. The city’s large student population means that there are plenty of good values to be found, and many shops and attractions offer student discounts. From Michelin starred restaurants to all-you-can-eat Indian buffets, there are restaurants to suit every pocketbook in London.

London South Bank University (LSBU)

Located in the London Borough of Southwark, London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of the oldest universities in central London and has over 25,000 students. The campus is conveniently located only a few Tube stops away from London’s major sites, and just a 20-minute walk from the West End. Attending LSBU is a great opportunity to study alongside British students and live in the heart of London!

Originally founded in 1892 as a polytechnic university, LSBU has grown significantly over the last 100+ years. It now not only serves the students in the Borough of Southwark and greater London, but also 3,000 international students from over 100 countries. The university also takes pride in the fact that around 50% of students are ethnic minorities.

In an effort to make sure that LSBU students have the best facilities possible, the university has recently invested about $77 million in upgrades to the campus, including a brand new student center.

All study abroad students are required to take “London: City of Change” plus 3 additional courses of their choosing. “London: City of Change” will use London as a classroom and encourages students to explore the literary, historic, and cultural themes of this great city. Topics covered in “London: City of Change” will include the history of the area surrounding the university, the role of London in world history, and the works of writers like Dickens, Woolf, and Wordsworth. The course also helps students get to know their new city with field trips and site visits to nearby Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern art museum.

London South Bank University has a wide array of subject areas to choose from, including Business, Built Environment, Communications, Criminology, Economics, Engineering, Event Planning, Exercise Science, Film, Finance, Food Science, Forensic Science, Hospitality, Information Systems, Journalism, Literature, Marketing, Media, Nutrition, Politics, Psychology, Social Policy Studies, Tourism, and Urban Environment. For full course details, please visit our courses page.

Internship Programs at LSBU

All internships are placed through London South Bank University. Students should prepare to complete several interviews (conducted through Skype), with members of the LSBU Immigration Team (to obtain your Tier-4 visa), LSBU’s Internship Coordinator, and the company you are placed with. Flexibility is important, as you will receive confirmation of your placement shortly before departing for the UK. Internships are available in a variety of fields, but students are required to provide 3 areas of interest during the application process. If you have a specific type of internship in mind, please call ASA at (617) 327-9388.

Students may only assume an internship worth a maximum of 4 U.S. semester credits. All internship positions can be approved for academic credit (student’s responsibility) and are unpaid. In order to receive credit for your internship, you will complete 120 working hours over the course of your program.

Semester Study & Intern program participants will enroll in a mandatory course, London: City of Change, plus 2 additional courses of their choosing, with their internship assuming the credit for their 4th course. Semester students typically earn a total of 16 U.S. semester credits. Semester-long internship placements typically last 3 to 4 months. For the internship component, 120 work hours must be completed over the course of the semester.

Summer Study & Intern program participants will enroll in a mandatory course, London: City of Change, plus their internship for a total of 8 U.S. semester credits.  For the internship component, 120 work hours must be completed over the 6-week summer term (approximately 20 work hours per week).

For further details about semester and summer internship opportunities in London, including visa and financial responsibilities, please click here.


University of the Arts London (UAL)

University of the Arts London is Europe’s most influential university for art, design, fashion, communications and the performing arts. It has about 20,000 students and is made up of 6 Colleges, interspersed in different neighborhoods in central London.

ASA students may be placed to study at five of the six Colleges:
  • Camberwell College of Arts
  • Central Saint Martins
  • Chelsea College of Arts
  • London College of Communication
  • Wimbledon College of Arts

Each college offers a closely-knit and welcoming environment in which to study, as well as a different range of courses. The University’s teaching staff are active professional artists, practitioners, designers, critics, and theorists, and lead students in creative and experimental practice alongside historical and theoretical analysis.

The Integrated Programme at UAL

As an ASA student at UAL you enroll in units (which U.S. students refer to as “classes”) directly alongside UAL’s full-time students from around the world. This is why UAL refers to their study abroad program as The Integrated Programme. As a U.S. student, you are likely used to registering for major-related classes and electives the semester before they begin. For UAL full-time students, and as a student enrolled in The Integrated Programme, this is not the case.

When UAL students enroll in their course (which U.S. students refer to as as a “major” or “degree”), they are issued their pre-determined unit (class) schedule for each semester, of each year, of their course (major/degree). For example, all students studying on the Advertising course at London College of Communication have identical unit (class) schedules. UAL students finish their course in three years. UAL terms run for 10-weeks during the Fall and Spring – with students typically earning 12-13 U.S. semester credits. Summer terms run for three weeks, with student typically earning 3 U.S. semester credits per session.

ASA students must provide three course (major/degree) choices with their application. UAL makes the decision on which course and year ASA students are assigned to. ASA students must be flexible as you will not know which units (classes) you are taking until UAL assigns you a course and year of study. For credit-approval purposes, ASA can provide you with syllabi for all years of your three course selections.

Through the Integrated Programme, all of your units (classes) will be within your assigned course (major/degree), allowing you to delve deep into your area of specialization. Much of your coursework will be done independently, although you’ll have guidance from your instructor and attend lectures as well. This program is ideal for students who are independent learners, as coursework tends to be more project-based than lecture-based. While this may sound intimidating at first, past students have found it to be an extraordinarily exciting learning experience, as you will be encouraged to develop your own projects and explore your creative process. Most students find that they have more space and freedom to create than they have ever experienced before.


The Colleges of UAL

  • Camberwell College of Arts: Camberwell is located in southeast London in an artists’ community called Southwark and has about 1,600 undergraduate and post-graduate students. The Camberwell experience is defined by the College’s century-old spirit of enquiry and inventiveness. Courses available at Camberwell include 3-D Design, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Painting, Photography, and Sculpture.
  • Central Saint Martins (CSM): Central Saint Martins is a design and performing arts college and cultural centre all in one. Fundamental to studying here is experimentation, innovation, risk taking, questioning, and discovery. Courses available at Central Saint Martins include Acting, Architecture, Fine Arts, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Jewelry Design, Product Design, and Textile Design.
  • Chelsea College of Arts: Chelsea College of Arts is one of London’s most prestigious art and design schools. Enrolling about 1,400 undergraduate and postgraduate students, the campus overlooks the Tate Modern art museum – an exciting perk to being a student here! The campus is a mix of beautifully renovated older buildings, as well as newer spaces. The two College galleries show cutting-edge experimental work. The courses offered at Chelsea focus on Fine Art, Graphic Design Communication, Interior Design, Interior and Spatial Design, and Textile Design.
  • London College of Communication (LCC): LCC is one of the larger UAL colleges. It is a world leader in Communication, Media, and Design with an impressive list of facilities: extensive exhibition space, photographic and television studios, darkrooms, interactive media and animation suites, broadcast and print newsrooms, and workshops for specialist printing, printmaking, bookbinding, and letterpress. Courses available include Advertising, Animation, Film and Television, Games Design, Graphic Design, Illustration, Journalism, Live Events and Television, Public Relations, Publishing, Media and Cultural Studies, Photography, Publishing, Sound Arts, and more.
  • Wimbledon College of Arts: Enrolling about 800 undergraduate and postgraduate students, Wimbledon is UAL’s smallest and most intimate college and is located just 14 minutes outside of central London by train. The academic focus at Wimbledon includes Fine Arts, and Theatre and Screen. Wimbledon is especially well known for its Costume Design and Costume Interpretation courses. It is the largest UK center to offer design and related studies for stage, screen, costume, and special effects. Other facilities include a film studio, wood and metal workshops print and digital media suite, a foundry, and the archives of internationally renowned theatre designers Jocelyn Herbert and Richard Negri.


LSBU: ASA semester students are typically housed in an on-campus residence hall called the David Bomberg House. This residence hall is composed of cluster flats, each with 4-8 single occupancy bedrooms, a shared kitchen and living space, as well as Internet access. Meals are not included. ASA summer students are typically housed with other LSBU Summer School students in an on-campus residence hall called Dante Road. This hall is made up of cluster flats, each with 6 single-occupancy bedrooms, a shared kitchen and living space, as well as Internet access. There are 2 shared bedrooms in each flat. Meals are not included.

UAL: ASA students are housed in residence halls throughout the city. If the residence halls are full, students will be housed in shared apartments. Shared apartment rooms may be shared. The Residence Halls vary in size, but typically consist of cluster flats, each with 4-8 single-occupancy bedrooms, shared kitchen, and Internet access. Because University of the Arts London has several different campuses in different parts of the city, your residence hall may be located 30-45 minutes away from school by Tube or bus – a reasonable commute in a city the size of London.

Full details about ASA housing, as well as answers to frequently asked questions, can be found on our Housing page.


ASA semester programs in London include 2 day excursions and 1 overnight excursion. ASA summer programs in London include 1 day excursion per session. Destinations may vary by term. Past terms have included trips to:

  • York (overnight excursion) – Explore the medieval streets and city walls before a visit to York Minster, Northern Europe’s largest cathedral. Next, visit tranquil and secluded Fountains Abbey, as well as Halworth, a small town perched on the Yorkshire Moors that inspired the novels of the Bronte sisters.
  • Stonehenge and Bath (day excursion) – Stone circles, magic, mysticism, and the legend of King Arthur are all part of the story of Stonehenge, a 5,000-year-old UNESCO World Heritage Site. Next, visit Bath, where you can drink the healing waters, visit the Roman baths, and take in stories of Jane Austen and high society.
  • Dover Castle and Canterbury (day excursion) – Just like the pilgrims in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales! Explore Canterbury’s cobbled streets and Canterbury Cathedral. Next, it’s off to Dover Castle and the famous White Cliffs of Dover.

Costs & Dates

Please CLICK HERE for Costs and Dates.

What’s Included – ASA London Programs

  • HOUSING: Single room in Residence Hall with kitchen facilities. Meals are not included. (Note: students at University of the Arts London may live in a residence hall or a shared apartment, and apartment rooms may be shared.)  For further details about housing in London, please click here!
  • TUITION for the maximum number of credits indicated on the program course offerings page. Enrolling in more than the maximum number of credits (if permitted by the host institution) will result in an additional fee.
  • ACADEMIC CREDITS: Students who receive pre-approval from their home institution can transfer the credits they earn to their home institution.
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Final transcript is issued by your host institution. Upon completion of the program, ASA will provide one free shipment of your final transcript to your U.S. institution.
  • EXCURSIONS: Semester programs in London include 2 day excursions & 1 overnight excursion.  Summer programs in London include 1 day excursion per session. Excursion locations to be decided.
  • CULTURAL ACTIVITIES within London (museum visits, walking tours, etc.)
  • INTERNET ACCESS: Students will have free Internet access at their host institution and in their program housing.
  • AIRPORT PICK-UP: Group ground transportation is provided from London Heathrow (LHR) airport for students who arrive on the official arrival date, by the designated time.
  • SITE DIRECTOR: Students will have an on-site director to assist them with any academic or cultural difficulties they may encounter.
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: Comprehensive international medical insurance is included.  For full details on benefits and coverage, please click here.
  • VISA ADVISING:  While students are ultimately responsible for obtaining their visa (if required for their term/host country), ASA will provide detailed, helpful information upon acceptance as to which visa students will need and how to go about applying for one.  Please click here to view our “Student Visa Information” to find out if a visa is required for your program.

Not Included:

  • Round trip airfare and travel expenses to and from the program location
  • Damage deposit ($350), paid to ASA 30 days before departure; refundable upon return (required only for students attending University of the Arts London)
  • Books, materials, lab fees
  • Local transportation
  • Personal expenses
  • Meals
  • Meals on excursions
  • Laundry
  • Student Visa, if required
  • Transportation from the airport if the student does not arrive on the official arrival date by the designated time
  • Transportation back to the airport at the end of the program
  • For academic year students or those enrolling in more than one session, housing and all other ASA services and benefits are not provided during the break between sessions

Click here for Billing Information and Cancellation/Refund Policy for London South Bank University programs
Click here for Billing Information and Cancellation/Refund Policy for University of the Arts London programs

NOTE: If you need a “Costs of Attendance” budget for your financial aid office, or if you simply want an estimate of the not-included costs listed above, please click here.

Program Itinerary

Please CLICK HERE for detailed program itineraries.


If you have questions about HOW TO APPLY and make sure your credits transfer back to your home university, please CLICK HERE.

We encourage both prospective students and parents, as well as those who have already been accepted to an ASA program, to visit our INFORMATION LIBRARY. Here you will find tons of helpful info to help you know what to plan for and what to expect, such as:

  • ASA Guide to Study Abroad
  • Student Visa info
  • Medical Insurance info
  • Booking your flight
  • Financial Aid info