A Note from Lee

Thank you for your interest in Academic Studies Abroad!

Choosing to study abroad can be a big decision and we are here to help make sure that it is the right decision for you.

Studying abroad is not about being a visitor in a new city, but about becoming part of that culture. We strongly encourage our students to not only see their host country, but to become a part of it by experiencing the customs, speaking the language, and understanding the way of life. This will help you gain a cultural awareness achieved only by living and studying in another country. In today’s global economy, employees who can give insight into how other cultures operate are key. Spending a semester or year in a foreign country will quickly give you an edge when you graduate and increase the positions available to you.

In addition to advancing you academically, everyone at ASA is dedicated to making sure that all of our students achieve three goals:

  • A true feeling and understanding for the culture they are immersed in
  • A memorable and safe once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • Personal growth through a better understanding of the world around you

Ask any student who has studied abroad and they will tell you that they had the time of their life. With a combination of academics, travel, and good times, you can bet that when you get back you’ll wonder why you even had to think twice. From the moment you arrive, your outlook on life will quickly change and the euphoria will begin to set in.

I can tell you all of this from first hand experience. I spent a semester abroad in 1993 during my Junior year in college. It was the single best experience of my life and one that has helped me both personally and professionally.

Everyone here at ASA works hard to ensure that each student’s needs and requests are met. Please do not hesitate to call me or any of my staff toll-free at (888) 845-4ASA with any questions that you may have.

Lee Frankel