Welcome home and thanks for participating on an Academic Studies Abroad program!

We hope that you had a once-in-a-lifetime experience, took lots of pictures, and are adjusting to life back in the U.S.

If you have come to this page because you want to help recruit other students to go on Academic Studies Abroad programs, need a transcript, or want contact info for someone who was on your program, simply call us at (888) 845-4272 or e-mail us at info (at) and we will get you the info you need.

My time studying abroad with ASA was great and I want to tell others about my experience!

We are very glad you enjoyed your time on an ASA program. Feel free to fill out a review! ASA has been reviewed on the websites below. If you find another, let us know and we will add it to the list.

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ASA’s Photo Contest

Share your picture story, get your photos published with a photo credit in ASA’s catalog and other materials, win prizes! CLICK HERE to find out how to submit your pics!

ASA’s Alumni Facebook Groups

You can connect, create quizzes, network and reminisce with other ASA Alumni on Facebook in our specially created Alumni Groups. If you would like an invitation to join, please email Mary (at)

ASA’s “Jetsetters” Alumni Team

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At work on your campus and in your community, email us to find out how you can join the efforts! The ASA Jetsetters are working towards the common goal of sharing experiences to encourage their peers to study abroad and to secure the common interest of having more globally minded campuses and surrounding communities. You’ll have opportunities to commit to one time events such as helping at a study abroad fair and presenting in a classroom or to members of an organization. You can also advocate for a day, semester, year or any length of time by commiting to a project of your choice. Not sure what you can do? No worries! We can help you identify the best way to be involved!  Email: Mary (at)

Q: Why should I join the Jetsetters sooner, rather than later?

A: ASA will be happy to help you document your time with the Jetsetters, and this is a great way to add another dimension to your ASA study abroad experience when you speak to future employers. Did you know that you can add your experience with ASA and the Jetsetters to your resume? Most of our team members enjoy the Jetsetters so much, before they know it, they have completed one or two projects or events each semester until they graduate! This type of experience reflects your ability to make a commitment, a quality that employers seek when hiring.

A: Joining the Jetsetters soon after your program has ended can help with “reverse culture shock.” See below.

What is “reverse culture shock” and is this happening to me?

If you have come here because you are having trouble adjusting to life back in the U.S., then have no fear, this is very common and is called “re-entry shock” or “reverse cultural shock”.

This may have been the first time you lived outside of the U.S. for any extended period of time and had to adjust to a whole new lifestyle. What you had always thought was the “right” way to do things now leaves you wondering if, in fact, it wasn’t actually the wrong way. It can be very confusing and leave you feeling like you are now a stranger in the U.S. Again, this is a very normal feeling and one that most everyone goes through, even frequent international travelers experience similar thoughts. Don’t believe us? Go onto Google and type in “reverse culture shock”. You’ll be amazed at the number of pages that come up.

The best thing to do is to speak with a study abroad advisor at your school and see if there is a group of students who have just returned from abroad who get together. Talking out loud about what you’re feeling will help you, as will hearing from others who are going through the same thing. You should also get in touch with other students from your program so you can compare notes on how well you’re all adjusting. See above on how you can also join other ASA alumni on Facebook.

I’m applying for grad school and need a transcript.  How do I get one?

Call 617-327-9388 or email info (at)  The fee for official transcripts is $20 each.  If you only need a PDF copy emailed to you, it’s free.  To send an official transcript, ASA will need the address of the college/university to which your transcript will be sent to, including the appropriate Department, Office, or ATTN person.  Because we ship via UPS, PO Boxes cannot be used, so be sure to find out the physical address.  If you are ordering a single official transcript, you can pay for it online here. If you are ordering more than one official transcript, please pay for your official transcripts by calling us with your credit/debit card details or by sending the payment via PayPal to info (at) ASA tel: 617-327-9388.

One time was not enough! I want to study abroad with ASA again!

Contact an ASA programs advisor or other staff member today or Request a Call to have us help you find an Academic Studies Abroad (ASA) or Academic Year Abroad (AYA) program that will best complement the time that you have already spent abroad. We can discuss program options that we believe can help you reach your personal and professional goals. This program may include advanced studies in a subject area or the possibility to intern while studying abroad with ASA or AYA for a summer, semester or year. Email: info (at)

If you are signing up for your second (or third) ASA program and it is a SUMMER program, you will automatically receive a $150 discount from your program fees. If you believe you are eligible for this discount and would like more information, you can call us at 1-888-845-4272. (Alumni discount cannot be combined with institutional discounts, ASA scholarships, affiliate scholarships, affiliate grants, or other discounts.)

If you are signing up for your second (or third) ASA program and it is a SEMESTER program, you will automatically receive a $350 discount from your program fees. If you believe you are eligible for this discount and would like more information, just give us a call at 1-888-845-4272. (Alumni discount cannot be combined with institutional discounts, ASA scholarships, affiliate scholarships, affiliate grants, or other discounts.)

If there’s anything you need from us at ASA, please don’t hesitate to let us know!