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Applicants, please take note:


  • Application Deadlines can be found on our Dates, Prices & Deadlines page.  In order for your application to be complete, ALL APPLICATION DOCUMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY THE APPLICATION DEADLINE.
  • It’s always best to apply early, as we are on rolling admissions, and some of our most popular programs (such as Barcelona & Florence) fill up before ASA’s Application Deadline. In addition, for some programs, classes and housing are assigned on a first come, first served basis, in which case, the earlier you apply, the better chance you have of getting the classes and housing you want.
  • For most programs, you will find out whether you are accepted within approximately 3 business days of receiving your complete application package.  However, for some programs (such as Cambridge) it can take up to 3 weeks to receive your admissions decision due to the host institution’s admissions procedures.
  • Please take note of the Payment Deadline for your program.  By the Payment Deadline, you will need to submit full payment for your program fees or financial aid verification. Students may be subject to a late fee if they apply after the Application Deadline or do not complete the required post-acceptance forms and make financial arrangements by the Payment Deadline.
  • ASA accepts applications from the U.S. and Canada.



In order to meet the requirements and deadlines of the host institution, applicants for the following ASA programs MUST provide a copy of their valid passport at the time of application:  Barcelona, Cambridge, Cuzco, Dublin (Maynooth University), London, Oxford, and the January Term Traveling Seminar.  If you will not have a valid passport by the application deadline, please call us at 888-845-4272.  We can tell you if there is any flexibility and advise you on the best course of action.

If your program doesn’t require a copy of your passport at the time of application,  you will be expected to provide a copy of your valid passport immediately after being accepted to the program.

Some programs will require you to apply for a Student Visa as early as 3-4 months before departure. These include semester or academic year in Spain, Italy, France, and Chile and internship programs in the UK. You cannot apply for a Student Visa without a valid passport, so if you are interested in any of these programs, plan ahead so you have your valid passport at least 4 months before departure.

If you don’t have a passport yet, we advise you to apply for one immediately by EXPEDITED SERVICE.  If you already have a passport, please check the expiration date!  If your passport expires anytime between now and 6 months after the day you plan to return home from abroad, you cannot travel with that passport and must have it renewed immediately.  (The airline will bar you from boarding your flight if your passport expires within 6 months.)  Do not delay in applying for your passport, as they take 6-8 weeks to process by regular service! We strongly recommend using expedited service to get your passport, which takes only 2-3 weeks.  Click here to apply for a passport!



Click Here for Program Eligibility Rules

AGE: You must be at least 18 years of age.

COLLEGE PREPARATION: For most ASA programs, you must have completed one to two semesters of college. However, this varies, and some programs simply require that you have graduated from high school. To check that you have the necessary college preparation, click here to read the Eligibility Rules for our programs.

GPA: The minimum GPA requirement varies by program. To see the GPA requirement for each of our programs, click here.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: To find out what documents you will need to send us in order to apply, click here.  For all applicants, a transcript will be required.  Most programs require an official transcript.  Additional required documentation varies by program. Please click here to find out exactly what application documents you will need to send in to apply for your program of choice.

Official Transcripts must be submitted to ASA in 1 or 2 ways: 1) Mailed in a sealed envelope to Academic Studies Abroad (ASA), 72 River Park St., Suite 104, Needham Heights, MA 02494. The registrar’s seal on the outside of the envelope must be intact. OR 2) If your home institution offers an electronic official transcript, your institution must email it directly to ASA at (An electronic official transcript is not considered official if it is emailed to you; it must be sent directly to ASA by your home institution.)

$50 APPLICATION FEE (NON-REFUNDABLE) AND $100 APPLICATION DEPOSIT: When you fill out our application online (see next step), you will be prompted to pay the $50 Application Fee (non-refundable) and $100 Application Deposit by credit or debit card. Click here for our refund policy.




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