First of all, thank you for volunteering to write a blog post for the ASA website! We’re very glad that you had an experience that has left you so excited and eager to share your thoughts with others.

There are a few simple guidelines that we kindly ask you to follow as you sit down to write a blog that will share your interesting and helpful tips and experiences:

  • Post Format: Essay or List (google “what is a list post” if you’re unfamiliar with this style)

  • Post Length: At least 500 words… let your fingers run wild if you have a lot to say/type!!!

  • Pictures: At least 5 photos need to be included in the post, with narratives relating to these pictures; SEND YOUR 5 PHOTOS AS ATTACHMENTS WITH INSTRUCTIONS IN YOUR EMAIL ON WHERE TO PLACE THE PHOTOS IN YOUR POST (above or below what text)

  • Submission Format: 

    • Post: Word file or Google Docs link

    • Photos: .JPG/.PNG/.GIF (the higher the resolution, the better!)

    • Email to: with Subject Line: Student Blog Post Submission

  • Author Information:

    • You will need to include some information about yourself under the blog title (send this to us as well in an email)

    • A selfie from your time abroad- we must be able to clearly see your face and there can be no alcohol in the photo

    • Your home university, major and the city & semester you studied abroadYou will be allowed to include your Instagram handle or LinkedIn account under your author info if desired- so send us that info as well!

  • Please include a few statements that tie your blog topic to your ASA experience. This can be included at the beginning or end of your blog if you’d rather have it in a separate paragraph! You could mention an excursion you went on or how your Site Director helped you adapt to your host city… experiences like that will work. 

  • Please stay away from explicitly mentioning alcohol unless it was a part of a class you took (ex: Wine Tasting), in which case please approach it’s mention from an educational standpoint. For example, you may talk about how the wine tasting component of a class/tour benefitted your understanding of and appreciation for local culture.

  • If you use a “slang” term that was specific to your study abroad city in order to reference a method of transportation, location, or anything else – please be sure to explain what it is!

  • If you suggest a place to go or activity to do, please be sure to include an address and/or website where readers can get further information!

  • Please stay away from mention of activities that could be viewed as “unsafe” (ex: traveling alone or going over your new friend’s apartment alone)

  • As these blogs will be posted to our website, they have a greater chance of reaching more readers (when Google searching) if you use key terms and phrases that are picked up by search engines! The general key term we're trying to target is "study abroad in X location" or "studying abroad in X country", etc. 


The way you position it can be things like:

  • 5 reasons to study abroad in X

  • 10 things you'll love about studying abroad in X

  • 7 things you didn't know about studying abroad in X

  • How to study abroad in X in English

  • 5 Reasons you should study abroad in X with ASA

Just as a heads up, by writing a blog post for ASA, you are giving us permission to use any content (pictures or narrative) on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. 

Once you submit your blog post to us, we will review it and suggest any edits for you to make before publishing it.

Thank you again for offering to share your ASA experience! We look forward to reading about your adventures!