Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Studying abroad with ASA in Edinburgh, Scotland means you’ll get to do more than just study.  ASA offers the exciting opportunity of interning with the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival for four weeks. As an intern, you get to do all kinds of things like reading, analyzing and improving scripts; reporting on productions and writing reviews;…Read More

La Sorbonne

ASA now offers semester and year-long study abroad opportunities for those of you out there lucky enough to already be proficient in a foreign language. One such program that we are especially excited about is at La Sorbonne – Paris IV. While some programs say that they’re sending you to study at the Sorbonne, it’s…Read More

Money abroad

When traveling, one of the biggest problems that you can have is to not be able to access money or use your credit cards.  Traveler’s checks can be expensive and difficult to cash, but it takes careful planning to be able to take advantage of the convenience of ATMs and credit cards when you go…Read More

Machu Picchu

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the discovery of Machu Picchu, an important Peruvian tourist attraction that has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Revealed to the outside world in 1911 by US historian Hiram Bingham, Machu Picchu has been a source of wonder ever since. Even today as anthropologists continue to research…Read More

Biking It

Most of our study abroad locations offer bike friendly cities which can present many fun and exciting opportunities and give freedom to those of you who fear you’ll miss your wheels living away from home. While studying in France I rented a bike for a full month for the equivalent of $16 USD. Although prices…Read More