7 Must-See Places When Studying Abroad in Dublin



Written by: Erin Kelly

Dublin is an amazing city and at every turn you take there is something different waiting around the corner! Ranging from flea markets to random graffiti spots, all of these are spots in Dublin that are fun stops to find while wandering around the city. Whether it’s sightseeing or shopping, check these spots out while you study abroad in, or visit, Dublin. 

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Find your perfect study abroad program: https://www.academicstudies.com/subject-finder

#1: The Bernard Shaw Flea Market

Where: The Bernard Show Pub - 11-12 South Richmond Street, Dublin

When: Every Saturday!

Website: http://thebernardshaw.com

7 Must See Places Dublin Study Abroad - Academic Studies Abroad

A short walk from the Griffith College campus, The Bernard Shaw is a pub in Dublin known for its large beer garden and its pizza, but something that some people don’t know is that on Saturdays they have a flea market. You can buy records, clothing, hand-made jewelry and journals and more. This flea market has a lot of great deals to take advantage of for both new and used items! 

Pro Tip: If you like scarves, there is a man there who sells the most amazing scarfs. They are huge and warm and truly unlike any other scarf I’ve owned.

#2: U ARE ALIVE wall

Where: Next door to The Dublin Simon Community charity shop on Lower Camden Street.

U R Alive Wall Dublin Study Abroad - Academic Studies Abroad

This wall, right off of Camden street, is the best pick-me-up and great for photos. Walking by this on the way to a restaurant or on the way to shop was such a great sight. It captures what studying abroad is about. You are alive. You are living in a foreign country and that is crazy and special and amazing. 

Pro Tip: If you want a cute picture like this, look for when a car isn’t blocking the writing and take advantage of that moment. 

#3: Nostingtons Café 

Where: 186 South Circular Road, Dublin 8 (right across the street from the Griffith campus)

Website: https://noshington.ie

Noshington Cafe Dublin Study Abroad Academic Studies Abroad

This is the cutest little café that serves breakfast and lunch, as well as coffee. It is perfect for when you do not feel like cooking, or feel like having brunch on a Sunday. 

Pro Tip: Try the pizza – it’s great! 

#4: The Bleeding Horse restaurant

Where: 24-25 Camden Street Upper, Saint Kevin's, Dublin 2

Bleeding Horse Restaurant Dublin Study Abroad - Academic Studies Abroad

The Bleeding Horse is a pub in Dublin that has great food and is a great time. It’s about a ten-minute walk from the Griffith campus. It has a great outdoor area, great music and great people as well.

Pro Tip: Try the burger!

#5: The U2 Wall

Where: 4 Windmill Lane

US Wall Dublin Study Abroad - Academic Studies Abroad

If you’re a U2 fan, you’ve probably heard of Windmill Lane Studios, where the band recorded many of their early records. If not, this is still a must-see piece of the city, as the graffiti and testimonials written on the walls are a great testament to the famous Irish rock band. Because it’s a popular destination, the hop-on, hop-off tour busses that run through Dublin stop here, so it’s easy to access. Everyone loves checking out the wall – reading the messages and looking at the art, and, of course, snapping a few pictures! 

Pro Tip: Take advantage of the hop-on-hop-off tour! It’s a great way to see the city! 

#6: Visit the coastal village of Howth

Where: A peninsula just north of downtown Dublin

Coastal Village Howth Dublin Study Abroad - Academic Studies Abroad

This is the perfect spot for someone who likes to be outdoors and take nature walks and explore. Howth is a coastal village located on its own peninsula just north of downtown Dublin. The town provides a great setting for a beautiful, quick day-trip if you’re looking to escape the busy Dublin city for a bit! I recommend taking the bus there, as it’s a scenic drive. To get back to Dublin, you can take the DART (Ireland’s metro) back – it’s quicker than the bus.

Pro Tip: Eat at the Dog House. It’s amazing. 

#7: Kilmainham Gaol

Where: Inchicore Rd, Kilmainham, Dublin 8

Website: http://kilmainhamgaolmuseum.ie

Kilmainham Gaol Dublin Study Abroad - Academic Studies Abroad

The Kilmainham Gaol (the Gaelic term for “jail”) is filled with immense amounts of Irish history. On your tour of the building, you will learn about the jail that serviced the Republic of Ireland from 1796-1924, holding a wide array of prisoners – from political leaders to everyday folk. The tour guides are extremely informative and you learn so much about Irish history. Ranging from the potato famine to the Easter Rising in 1916. Though it’s touristy – it’s the best tour I went on while abroad! This museum is absolutely worth your time. 

Pro Tip: Make sure you buy your tickets ahead of time because they do sell out sometimes! Better safe than sorry!

Overall, Dublin is an incredible city and you should be sure to check out these 7 places. However, you will be sure to have many of your own additions to my “Must-See” list. I had a hard time narrowing the list to just seven!