Cambridge Course Offerings



Application Deadlines

Spring: October 1

Fall: April 1

Language Requirement: None. Courses are taught in English.

Additional Requirements: Minimum GPA 2.70. Must have completed at least 2 semesters at a U.S. or Canadian university, college or community college before applying. For complete requirements, please see the Eligibility section on this page.

Possible U.S. Credits: 3-4 modules (courses) for a total of approximately 15 U.S. semester credits.

Final Transcript: Issued by Anglia Ruskin University.


At Anglia Ruskin University, a class or course is called a “module” while a degree or field of study is called a “course.” Students take 3-4 modules per semester. Students must have 8 modules approved for credit by your home institution, in case of schedule conflicts or cancellations.

Single modules are worth 15 UK credits or 3.75 semester credits. (4 UK Credits = approximately 1 U.S. semester credit.) Students who take the standard 4 single modules per semester will earn approximately 15 semester credits in one semester.

Modules labeled Level 4 are sophomore or lower division modules. Level 5 modules are junior/senior or upper division modules. Level 5 modules are generally for students who are majors in that field. Level 4 modules normally have no prerequisites or fewer prerequisites than Level 5 modules. Level 6 (Honours modules) and Level 7 (postgraduate modules) are not open to study abroad students. Students may enroll in Undergraduate modules only.

ASA students may take modules from the courses listed below. Please click on the course links below to see a list of modules offered. Then, on the list of modules, you can then click on the blue module code for a description/syllabus of the module, a list of prerequisites, etc. To the right of the page, it will indicate which semester the module is offered. Please remember that Semester 1 is Fall, and Semester 2 is Spring. 

*Top-Up and Continuing modules not available to study abroad students.

Module offerings are subject to change. 





Humanities and Social Sciences

Education and Social Care

Biomedical and Forensic Sciences

Computing and Technology

Sport and Exercise Sciences


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