2017 Fall Semester Program: Spanish Language Immersion at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide

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Language Eligibility: 
open only students with a Spanish language level of Beginner/Elementary to Low Intermediate.  This includes students who have taken 1-2 semesters of college Spanish or equivalent.

For eligibility requirements such as minimum GPAclick here.

Total contact hours: 225 per semester.
15 contact hours = 1 semester credit; 10 contact hours = 1 quarter unit.

Possible U.S. Credits: 15 semester credits per semester.

Final transcript is issued by the Universidad Pablo de Olavide. Classes are taken with other American students.

Universidad Pablo de Olavide – Spanish Language Immersion Program

The Spanish Language Immersion Program at the Universidad Pablo de Olavide is an intensive Spanish language program designed for students who have completed one or two semesters of college Spanish (or equivalent) and are approximately at the Beginner/Elementary to Low Intermediate level.  It is ideal for students who want to greatly improve their Spanish skills in a relatively short amount of time, as it provides a comprehensive approach to building Spanish language skills, covering Grammar, Speaking, Reading, Composition, and Spanish Culture.

Currently, the Spanish Language Immersion Program is offered only during the Fall semester, but many students choose to stay on for the Spring semester after completing the immersion program and attend the Universidad Pablo de Olavide’s Hispanic Studies Program.  The Hispanic Studies Program offers electives taught in both Spanish and English in a variety of areas, such as Business, Economics, History, Art History, Communication, Literature, Spanish Culture, and Political Science.  The Hispanic Studies Program also offers Spanish language classes for all levels, including Intermediate all the way to Advanced.  For more information about the Hispanic Studies Program, click here.

Students attending the Spanish Language Immersion Program will take the following set curriculum of courses.  All classes are taught in Spanish:

Emphasis is on expanding vocabulary and building oral and written communication skills, as well as acquiring a greater awareness of the Spanish-speaking world.

The objective of the Spanish Conversation class is to develop conversational, comprehension and oral interaction skills, with a focus on form to attain fluency and effective communication skills.

This course continues developing reading and writing skills through written reports, compositions, and class discussions on assigned topics and articles.  It also reviews more advanced grammar with the purpose of achieving greater accuracy.

This course aims to increase the students’ knowledge and appreciation of Spanish culture and its people.  Such aspects as geographic and socio-cultural diversity, religion and popular religiousness, the family and social change, Spain’s holidays, music and dance (Flamenco), bullfighting, and Spanish cuisine will be studied.