2018 Internship Opportunities in Barcelona, Spain

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ASA is pleased to offer internship opportunities in Barcelona for students participating in the ASA Barcelona semester or summer program! Customized internship placements in Barcelona are available as an “add-on” to our academic semester or summer programs.  Not available as a stand-alone option.  

Semester students will complete an internship alongside 3-4 classes; Summer students will complete an internship alongside 1 class. All internships are unpaid, not for credit, and consist of a maximum of 20 work hours per week.    

Semester & Summer Internships in Barcelona, Spain

If you are enrolled in the ASA semester or summer program in Barcelona, Spain, you may opt to participate in an unpaid internship in conjunction with courses taken at your host institution in Barcelona!  (Internships are not for credit and are not available as a stand-alone option.)  The internship add-on for the ASA Barcelona program costs $1,000 in addition to the regular semester or summer price and includes on-site cultural training and advising from ASA’s Internship Coordinator in Barcelona.

Interns will complete a maximum of 20 work hours per week for the duration of the semester.  (Your actual number of work hours could be less, as this will be determined based on the needs of the company or organization.)  Because an internship is a significant time commitment, we strongly recommend that semester students doing an internship enroll in 12 academic credits instead of 15. Summer students will enroll in 3 academic credits.

While there is no Spanish language requirement in order to apply for an internship, students with a background in Spanish will have more possibilities available to them in terms of placements.

No additional visa is necessary in order to participate in an internship!

In what kinds of fields are placements available?

Internships are available in a wide range of fields: Accounting, Animation, Art, Architecture, Business, Communications, Culinary Arts, Dance, Education, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Event Planning, Fashion, Government and Politics, Graphic Design, Health & Fitness, Hospitality and Tourism, Information Technology, International Business, Journalism, Marketing, Photography, Public Relations, and Theater Arts.  If you are looking for an internship in a field not listed here, please feel free to contact us, and our Internship Coordinator in Barcelona will be happy to investigate placements in your area of interest!

Please note, in order to allow us the flexibility to find the most suitable placement for you, all students will be required to give 3 possible areas of interest on their internship application. 

The Placement Process 

Every internship placement is CUSTOMIZED to meet the student’s interests and the needs of the sponsor company.  In order to allow sufficient time to find a suitable placement for you, ASA must receive your internship application (Résumé and Letter of Motivation) by the following deadlines:


  • Spring semester: Oct. 15
  • Summer session: March 15
  • Fall semester: May 15


NOTE: You must be accepted to the ASA Barcelona study abroad program at the time you submit your internship application.

Your Letter of Motivation must include 3 possible areas of interest.  It should also describe:

  • Your reasons for wanting to participate in an internship
  • How an internship could support your future career goals
  • Any relevant experience you have to your areas of interest (e.g. previous study, job, internship, or volunteer experience)
  • Why you would be a good candidate for an internship


In order for your internship search to be successful, it is ideal to have some knowledge about the field in which you wish to intern.  This means you should ideally choose 3 areas of interest with which you are familiar and have some experience with in either coursework, work experience, and/or volunteer experience.

Once we have your Résumé and Letter of Motivation, our Internship Coordinator in Barcelona will begin looking for a placement for you.  Once a company expresses interest in you, the Internship Coordinator will email you information about the company and a brief description of the internship position. Then, you will have a Skype interview with our Internship Coordinator, after which you may also need to have a Skype interview with the company.  At that point, the company has the option to hire you (or not).  If they make you an offer, you have the option to accept or decline it.  If the company does not make you an offer, or if you decline the offer, our Internship Coordinator will begin looking for a new placement for you immediately, and start the process over again.  Our Internship Coordinator will complete a maximum of 3 searches for you.  In most cases, a match is made during the first search.

Interview Tips: Please take the Skype interview(s) seriously, both the interview with our Internship Coordinator and the interview with the company (if required).   Please remember that you are interviewing for a job, and this will be an important factor in whether or not you are hired.  It is important to dress appropriately and have Skype connected and ready to go before the interview start time.  In addition, please do some research about the company prior to the interview and have a brief list of questions or things you would like to know about the organization, if asked.

What to Expect in your Internship 

An internship is an opportunity to gain experience in the field in which you wish to have a career.  It is also a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in your classes and gain networking contacts.  That said, it is extremely important that all internship applicants remain FLEXIBLE in their expectations with regard to the type of company or organization you will work for, as well as the type of work you will do.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you a placement at any particular firm or organization, and we cannot guarantee a placement in your #1 area of interest.  The more flexible you are in your expectations, the better your outcome will be!

IMPORTANT: Interns should expect to have a busy schedule during their time abroad and  must expect not to have as much flexibility to travel as students who aren’t doing an internship. You may need to work Monday through Friday, and there is no guarantee you will have days off for long weekends.  As a reference point, a 3-credit class will meet approximately 3 hours per week over the course of a semester or approximately 9 hours per week over a summer term.  An internship could require up to 20 hours per week, depending on the needs of the company.  Your actual work schedule may have fewer hours, as it will depend on the needs of the company or organization.  You will have the opportunity to discuss your work schedule and the company’s expectations before deciding to accept the offer. Please keep in mind that with a greater investment of your time comes greater benefits and experience!

After arrival in Barcelona, you will participate in a mandatory orientation session with our Internship Coordinator. The orientation will cover all the information you need in order to have a successful internship, including the cultural aspects of working in a Spanish company and how it is different from working for a U.S. company.

Every 2 weeks, you will have a check-in with the Internship Coordinator to see how things are going.  You can also contact him at any time during your internship if you have any questions or issues.  Your employer will give the Coordinator a mid-term report about your job performance and progress, and then a final report at the end of the term.

Finally, if you commit to an internship, please be aware that that commitment must be taken seriously, as the company or organization hiring you is making a significant investment of their time and resources in you.  You will be expected to complete your internship assignment in full for the duration of the term, be present for all work hours requested of you, and put forth your best effort while working there. Don’t worry – you will have support available to you throughout your placement to help you understand what is expected of you, address any doubts or concerns, and help you have a successful internship assignment!