2018-2019 Classes + Internship Programs: Sevilla, Spain

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ASA is pleased to offer internship opportunities in Sevilla for students participating in the ASA Sevilla semester program! Customized internship placements in Sevilla are available as an “add-on” to our academic semester programs.  Not available as a stand-alone option.  

 All internships are unpaid and consist of 120 work hours.  Your internship will be completed alongside classes* and may be credit-bearing, depending on which institution in Sevilla you attend.  Please continue reading below for full details.  (See important note  below regarding internship hours vs. in-class hours!)

Semester Internships in Sevilla, Spain

If you are enrolled in the ASA semester program in Sevilla, Spain, you may do an unpaid internship in conjunction with 3 courses (or 4 courses, maximum) taken at your host institution in Sevilla!  (Internships are not available as a stand-alone option.)  The internship add-on for the ASA Sevilla program costs $1,000 in addition to ASA’s published price for the Sevilla semester program.  The $1,000 internship fee includes résumé advising, Myers-Briggs training, cultural training, and ongoing coaching from ASA’s Internship Coordinator in Sevilla.

Interns must complete a total of 120 work hours over the course of the semester. Because a 3-credit internship requires 120 work hours, whereas a 3-credit class requires only 45 in-class hours, we recommend that students take just 3-4 classes while doing an internship.

A basic knowledge of Spanish is preferred, although you need not be fluent in Spanish to apply for an internship!  However, the more Spanish you know, the greater the variety of opportunities that will be available to you.

No additional visa is necessary in order to do an internship!

Can I receive credit for the internship?

The internship option is available to ALL ASA SEVILLA STUDENTS, regardless of which host university you attend.  However, whether or not you will receive academic credit for your internship depends on which host institution in Sevilla you attend.  ASA offers semester academic programs at 3 host institutions:  Universidad de Sevilla, Universidad Pablo de Olavide, and EUSA.  If you attend the Universidad de Sevilla or EUSA, your internship will count as one of your classes and will appear on your final transcript for 3 credits.  However, if you attend the Universidad Pablo de Olavide, you can do an internship, but you will not receive credit for it.

Since the internship counts as one class for students attending the Universidad de Sevilla or EUSA, these students are advised to take just 3 classes alongside their internship, due to the time commitment involved with an internship.  (4 classes may be allowed with permission.)

Since students attending the Universidad Pablo de Olavide cannot receive credit for the internship on their transcript and the internship will not count as a class, all UPO students must take 4 classes (minimum 12 credits) at UPO in order to maintain full-time enrollment status.

All students participating in an internship will be required to write essays, reports and presentations throughout the semester. 

In what kinds of fields are placements available?

Internships are available in a wide range of fields: Marketing, Business, IT, Psychology/Human Resources/Human Development, Education, Entrepreneurship, Media, and Communications.  If you are looking for an internship in a field not listed here, please feel free to contact us, and our Internship Coordinator in Sevilla will be happy to investigate placements in your area of interest!

Please note, in order to allow us the flexibility to find the most suitable placement for you, all students are required to give 3 possible areas of interest on their internship application. 

The Placement Process 

Every internship placement is CUSTOMIZED to meet the student’s interests and the needs of the sponsor company.   The search process begins prior to departure, once your internship application is approved.  We ask that interested students submit their internship applications to ASA a minimum of 30 days before departure, to allow us time to look for opportunities for you.  The further in advance you submit your internship application, the more time and flexibility we will have in searching for a suitable placement!  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you a placement at any particular firm or organization, and we cannot guarantee a placement in your #1 area of interest.

The following items are required in order to apply for an internship with the ASA Sevilla program:

  • CV (résumé) in PDF format – This is the most important part of your application.  We can provide you with a CV template if needed.  If your application is approved, we are happy to suggest revisions, in order to make your internship application as successful as possible.
  • Internship Questionnaire, completed by you. The purpose of this questionnaire is to tell us your reasons for wanting to intern and what you hope to learn and accomplish in doing so.  On this questionnaire, you will have to list of your top 3 areas of interest, in order of preference.  Please note that each area of interest must be different.  (Ex: Business and Finance are not 2 separate areas of interest.) It is important to remain open to an internship in more than one field, as we, unfortunately, cannot 100% guarantee a placement in your top choice area of interest.


NOTE: You must be accepted to the ASA study abroad program in Sevilla before applying for an internship.

Please note that in order for your internship search to be successful, you must have some knowledge about the field in which you wish to intern.  This means you should choose 3 areas of interest with which you are familiar and have some experience with in either coursework, work experience, and/or volunteer experience.

After we receive your CV and Internship Questionnaire, our Internship Coordinator in Sevilla will review your documents and send you an email to let you know if you are approved.  Being approved means we have agreed to find you a placement.  You may be asked to revise your CV before confirming whether or not you are approved.

Prior to your arrival in Sevilla, our Internship Coordinator will contact potential companies to confirm an initial interest and possibly schedule a Skype interview.  After you arrive in Sevilla and have completed our on-site orientation, you will meet with our Internship Coordinator one-on-one to discuss the possible placements he has located for you.  You will then go on interviews with these companies/organizations.  As with any job interview, there isn’t a guarantee you will be hired.  However, in the past, we have been able to successfully place nearly all applicants!  While the majority of students are hired after the first interview, should that not be the case, please rest assured that we will continue searching for another placement for you.

What to Expect in your Internship

An internship is an opportunity to gain experience in the field in which you wish to have a career.  It is also a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in your classes and gain networking contacts.  That said, it is extremely important that all internship applicants remain FLEXIBLE in their expectations with regard to the type of company or organization you will work for, as well as the type of work you will do.  Please be aware that we cannot guarantee you a placement at any particular firm or organization, and we cannot guarantee a placement in your #1 area of interest.  The more flexible you are in your expectations, the better your outcome will be!

IMPORTANT: Interns should expect to have a busy schedule during their time abroad and  must expect not to have as much flexibility to travel as students who aren’t doing an internship. You may need to work Monday through Friday, and there is no guarantee you will have days off for long weekends.  As a reference point, a 3-credit class will meet for a total of 45 in-class hours over the course of a semester.  An internship will require you to complete a total of 120 work hours over the course of the semester.  Please keep in mind that with a greater investment of your time comes greater benefits and experience!

After arrival in Sevilla, you will participate in a mandatory orientation session with our Internship Coordinator. The orientation will cover all the information you need in order to have a successful internship, including the cultural aspects of working in a Spanish company and how it is different from working for a U.S. company.

During your internship, you will have regular check-ins with our Internship Coordinator to see how things are going.  You can also contact him at any time during your internship if you have any questions or issues.   For students attending the Universidad de Sevilla or EUSA who are doing the internship for credit,  you will be required to write essays, reports and presentations throughout the semester.  Please be aware that if you are fired from or quit your internship, you will not receive credit for your internship, and this will be reflected on your final transcript.

Finally, if you commit to an internship, please be aware that that commitment must be taken seriously, as the company or organization hiring you is making a significant investment of their time and resources in you.  You will be expected to complete your internship assignment in full for the duration of the semester, be present for all work hours requested of you, and put forth your best effort while working there. Don’t worry – you will have support available to you throughout your placement to help you understand what is expected of you, address any doubts or concerns, and help you have a successful internship assignment!