The January Term Traveling Seminar – Billing Information & Cancellation/Refund Policy

When is payment due?

For all ASA programs, full payment or verification of financial aid is due 2 weeks after our Application Deadline. This is called the Forms & Payment Deadline. To find out the Forms & Payment Deadline for your program, visit our Dates, Prices & Deadlines page.

If you plan to pay for the program using financial aid (thereby deferring payment until your financial aid is disbursed), ASA must receive the following items by the Forms & Payment Deadline:

  • Consortium Agreement from your home institution’s Financial Aid Office or Study Abroad Office.  This is a document issued by your school’s Financial Aid Office, a portion of which is to be completed by ASA.
  • ASA’s Financial Aid Verification Form, completed by your home institution’s Financial Aid Office.  This will tell us how much financial aid you are going to receive.

Any portion of the program fees not covered by financial aid must be paid to ASA by the Forms & Payment Deadline.  If verification of financial aid cannot be provided by the Forms & Payment Deadline, we require a copy of your flight itinerary in order to secure your space.

Please remember that in order to provide ASA with verification of your financial aid by the Forms & Payment Deadline, you will need to contact your school’s financial aid office and/or study abroad office several weeks ahead of time. Once again, the Forms & Payment Deadline is 2 weeks after the Application Deadline. For full details on how to use your financial aid to study abroad and what steps you need to take, please visit our Financial Aid page.

Down Payment

A $1,500 non-refundable Down Payment is required for the January Term Traveling Seminar. Once paid, your Down Payment will be deducted from your balance due. Because we cannot enroll you until we receive your Down Payment and January Term programs often fill up before the application deadline, we recommend paying it as soon as possible after you’re accepted. Please note, Down Payments cannot be deferred with financial aid.

How should I submit my payment?

After you’re accepted, you’ll receive a Billing Statement for your program fees, which will show your balance due and any payments you’ve already made. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Personal check, cashier’s check or money order, made payable to Academic Studies Abroad and mailed to the address below.
  • You can also pay your balance by e-check.

Refund Policy – ASA January Term Traveling Seminar Programs

For students who withdraw from the ASA program after the Forms & Payments Deadline but before the ASA program start date, refunds are as follows.  Students will receive a full refund minus:

  • Before November 1: Cancellation fee of $1,200 and Down Payment
  • From November 1 until the ASA program start date: Absolutely no refund is given.
  • In addition, once the program has commenced, there are absolutely no refunds.
  • If the student has deferred payment or if payment/billing arrangements are made through his/her home institution, the student is still responsible for paying in full all cancellation fees and monies owed to ASA.
  • Fees are not transferable to other persons.


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