Price Breakdowns

We understand that many students and parents want to know the total estimated cost of going abroad before applying – not just the ASA program fee, but additional costs as well, such as spending money, books, airfare, etc.

In addition, many students need a list of estimated costs or a price breakdown for Financial Aid purposes. Your Financial Aid Office may call this a “costs of attendance” list or a “budget”. Cost information is often needed by your school’s Financial Aid Office in order to determine your financial aid eligibility.

Please CLICK HERE for the estimated costs of ASA programs!


  • Tuition & Fees and Housing amounts shown at the link above may not be applicable to students from “direct bill” institutions. If you are not sure if you attend a “direct bill” institution, please contact ASA at 617-327-9388.

  • Expenses not covered by ASA include Meals (may or may not be included with ASA program housing), Passport, Visa, Books/Materials, Local Transportation, Personal Expenses, and Round Trip Airfare. Estimated budgets for these expenses can be found at the link above.

  • All costs are estimated and are variable based on exchange rates, personal spending habits, travel plans, and other variable factors beyond ASA’s control. The actual amount you end up spending may be more or less than shown at the link above.

  • The estimated cost for Visa applies to U.S. passport holders only and includes the visa fee only. You may incur additional expenses for travel to and from the Consulate or Embassy. Visa cost may differ for citizens of other countries.

  • If a Damage Deposit is required for your program, any refundable portion will be returned to you approximately 6 weeks after your program end date.

  • All costs are subject to change without prior notice.

  • If you have any questions about program costs, payment, or financial aid, please don’t hesitate to call us at 617-327-9388.