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Quick Facts

Host Institutions:
  • London South Bank University - Semester/Academic Year and Summer programs
  • University of the Arts London - Semester/Academic Year and Summer programs
Eligibility Rules: click here
Academic Focus: Business, Economics, Journalism, Politics, Theatre, International Relations, History, Literature, Film, Mathematics, Communications/Media, Psychology, Criminology, Social Policy, Sustainability Communities, and Engineering. (Click here for Course Offerings)
Curriculum: Semester students take 4-6 courses (maximum number of credits varies by host institution).
  • Students at London South Bank University live in Student Residence Halls in a single room. Residence halls are located on campus or close to campus.  Meals are not included.
  • Students at University of the Arts London live in Student Residence Halls in a single room.  No meals are included.  The commute will depend on which college you are attending, but it generally takes anywhere from 25-45 minutes to get from your housing to campus. (Summer students may also live in shared apartments.)
  • For further details about housing in London, please click here!
Sample Day Excursions: Cambridge, Stonehenge & Bath, Leeds Castle, Windsor Castle, Oxford, Dover Castle & Canterbury
Sample Overnight Excursions: York, Wales

Why London?

  • Capital of England
  • International city that people from all around the world flock to
  • Wonderful theatre; from popular musicals to fringe theatre
  • Diverse shopping: from upscale Bond St. to open-air Camden Market
  • Countless museums and historical sites

City Description - Large city of 7 million

"When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford..." Samuel Johnson

London is a city of ancient history and 21st century modernity, a melting pot of the world's cultures and nationalities. The Romans founded Londinium in AD60, and since then London has grown to establish itself as the largest and arguably the most exciting city in Europe. With a population of 7 million, 30% of whom are of overseas descent, London is one of the most ethnically diverse cities in the world - over 200 languages are spoken within its confines.

London's museums and galleries - several of them ranking among the world's finest - are full of treasures from Europe and beyond. Monuments from this capital's more glorious past, from medieval banqueting halls to St. Paul's Cathedral, stand alongside modern wonders such as the Tate Modern and the Millennium Wheel.

For entertainment and leisure, London is truly unsurpassed. A shopping mecca, the weekend markets of Portobello and Camden offer cutting edge street designs, or you can hobnob with the rich and famous in Harrods or on Bond Street. There are hundreds of nightclubs, bars and theatres to choose from, as well as the countless London pubs that are renowned for their character and bonhomie. The home of the Royal Opera House, London Symphony, and Royal Albert Hall, London can accommodate every kind of music lover.

Contrary to popular belief, London isn't necessarily an expensive place to live. The city's enormous student population means that there is plenty of good values to be found in the city, and many shops and attractions offer student discounts. From Michelin starred restaurants to all-you-can-eat Indian buffets, there is a restaurant to suit every pocketbook in London.

One of London's greatest assets for students is that there are 5 airports offering incredibly affordable flights to anywhere in Europe. Airlines such as Ryan Air, EasyJet, and BMI offer tickets for as little as $10 each way to cities like Paris, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam, and many more. There are trains from downtown London that will bring you to any of the 5 airports, so going away for the weekend can be both easy and inexpensive.

London South Bank University

Located in the London Borough of Southwark, London South Bank University (LSBU) is one of the oldest universities in central London and has over 25,000 students. The campus is in a great location, only a few stops on the Tube from some of the major sites in London and a 20-minute walk from the West End.

Originally founded in 1892 as a polytechnic university, LBSU has grown significantly over the last 100+ years. It now not only serves the students in the Borough of Southwark and greater London, but also 3,000 international students from over 100 different countries. The university also takes pride in the fact that around 50% of the students are ethnic minorities.

ASA students take classes in 3 of the 4 schools on the LSBU campus; Business and Computing (BCIM); Arts and Human Sciences (AHS) and Engineering, Science and Built Environment (ESBE).

In an effort to make sure that LSBU students have the best facilities possible, the university has recently invested £47 million (about US$77 million) in upgrades on the campus. The results of this investment can be easily seen in both the new and existing buildings.

University of the Arts London

The University of the Arts London is Europe's most influential university for art, design, fashion, communication and the performing arts.  It is made up of six Colleges, each located at the heart of their respective communities throughout London, five of which are open to ASA study abroad students: Camberwell College of Art, Central Saint Martins, Chelsea College of Art, London College of Communication, and Wimbledon College of Art. Drawing on and contributing to the local culture, they foster closely-knit and welcoming environments in which to study, supported by all the resources of the larger University and the wider arts community.
The Colleges offer the University’s 20,000 students a diverse range of courses. The University’s teaching staff, as active professional artists, practitioners, designers, critics and theorists, lead the way on creative and experimental practice alongside historical and theoretical analysis. The combination of a varied student group, cutting-edge research and highly-experienced staff creates a unique, multifaceted learning experience for students at the University.

The Colleges of UAL

Camberwell College of Arts
Camberwell is located in south London in an artists’ community called Southwark. The Camberwell experience is defined by the College’s century-old spirit of enquiry and inventiveness. Courses available at Camberwell are broken down into three categories: Art, Design, and Conservation. While at Camberwell you will have the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by other artists’ work through exhibitions.
Central Saint Martins
Central Saint Martins is a design and performance college and cultural centre all in one, located at King’s Cross in central London. Fundamental to studying here is the penchant for experimentation, innovation, risk taking, questioning, and discovery. Central Saint Martins provides students with a supportive learning environment to help students cultivate their talents and confidence. Courses at Central Saint Martins focus on Art, Fashion and Textile Design, Communication, as well as Product and Spatial Design and Performance.
Chelsea College of Arts
Chelsea is located in Pimlico, next to the River Thames, in a mix of renovated buildings with purpose built, adaptable spaces. The two College galleries: Chelsea Space and Chelsea Future Space, show cutting-edge experimental work. The courses offered at Chelsea focus on Fine Art, Graphic Design Communication, Interior Design, Interior and Spatial Design, and Textile Design. Courses at Chelsea adopt a student-centered approach to learning and incorporate practical, critical, and professional studies to guide you through your chosen discipline.
London College of Communication
London College of Communication is located at Elephant & Castle in southeast London where it is a world leader in communication, media, and design with extensive exhibition space, photographic and television studios, darkrooms, interactive media and animation suites, broadcast and print newsrooms, as well as specialist printing, printmaking, bookbinding, and letterpress workshops. The courses here focus on graphic design, advertising, photography, film and animation, journalism, publishing, public relations, sound arts, and design and interactive and spatial design.
Wimbledon College of Arts
Wimbledon is located just 14 minutes outside of London by train. The courses students take here focus on fine art and theatre programs. It is the largest UK center to offer design and related studies for stage screen, costume, and special effects. Other facilities include a film studio, wood and metal workshops print and digital media suite, a foundry and the archives of internally renowned theatre designers Jocelyn Herbert and Richard Negri. 

The Nightlife

When it comes to entertainment, London is truly unsurpassed. A huge shopping mecca, students can visit the weekend markets of Portobello and Camden for cutting-edge street designs, or hobnob with the rich and famous in Harrods or on Bond Street. There are hundreds of nightclubs, bars and theatres to choose from, as well as the many London pubs that are renowned for their character and bonhomie. As the home of the Royal Opera House, Royal Albert Hall and London Symphony, there are facilities for every kind of music lover. Contrary to popular belief, London need not be an expensive place to live. The City's huge student population means that there is plenty of good value accommodation to be found in the city center, and many shops and attractions offer student discounts. From Michelin starred restaurants to all-you-can-eat Indian buffets, there is a restaurant to suit every pocket in London.

Costs & Dates

Please CLICK HERE for Costs and Dates.


What's Included - Semester/Summer Study Abroad Program in London

  • HOUSING, London South Bank University & University of the Arts London: single room in Residence Hall with kitchen facilities. No meals are included. (Summer students at University of the Arts London may live in shared apartments.)  For further details about housing in London, please click here!
  • EXCURSIONS: Semester programs include 2 day excursions & 1 overnight excursion.  Summer programs include 2 day excursions.
  • TUITION at London South Bank University OR University of the Arts London
  • ACADEMIC CREDITS: Students who receive pre-approval from their home institution can transfer the credits they earn to their home institution. Possible number of semester credits:  16 (London South Bank University), 12 (University of the Arts London semester), 3 (University of the Arts London summer).
  • OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: At the conclusion of the program, an official transcript from your host university will be sent to your home institution.
  • CELL PHONE: ASA provides one cell phone for each student.  Students are responsible for the cost of phone usage.
  • INTERNET ACCESS at their host institution.
  • AIRPORT PICK-UP at London Heathrow (LHR) airport for students who arrive on the official arrival date by the designated time.
  • MEDICAL INSURANCE: for a Description of Coverage, please visit our Information Library.
  • SITE DIRECTOR: on-site to assist students with any academic or cultural difficulties they may encounter.
  • VISA ADVISING:  While students are ultimately responsible for obtaining their visa (if required for their term/host country), ASA will provide detailed, helpful information upon acceptance as to which visa students will need and how to go about applying for one.  Please click here and scroll down to "Student Visa Information" to find out if a visa is required for your program.

Not Included:

  • Optional Internship.  For full details, please click here.
  • Airfare
  • Books & materials
  • Personal expenses
  • Local transportation
  • Student Visa, if required
  • Laundry
  • Meals 
  • Meals on excursions
  • Damage Deposit ($500) - University of the Arts London students only

Click here for Billing Information and Cancellation/Refund Policy

NOTE: If you need a "Costs of Attendance" budget for your financial aid office, or simply need more details about the additional costs listed above, please email chelsea(at) 

Program Iinerary

Please CLICK HERE for detailed program itineraries.


If you have questions about HOW TO APPLY and make sure your credits transfer back to your home university, please CLICK HERE.

We encourage both prospective students and parents, as well as those who have already been accepted to an ASA program, to visit our INFORMATION LIBRARY. Here you will find tons of helpful info to help you know what to plan for and what to expect, such as:

  • ASA Guide to Study Abroad
  • Student Visa info
  • Medical Insurance info
  • Booking your flight
  • Financial Aid info