2019-2020 Semester & Academic Year Program: Universidad Carlos III

Spring Semester I 2019 – Madrid, Spain $13,995 Arrive Jan. 19, 2019 – Depart June 5, 2019 MSSP1
Fall Semester I 2019 – Madrid, Spain $13,995 Arrive Late Aug. 2019 – Depart Mid. Dec. 2019 (TBA) MSF1
Spring Semester I 2020 – Madrid, Spain $14,495 Arrive Mid. Jan. 2020– Depart Early June 2020 (TBA) MSSP1


Language Eligibility:  for High Intermediate, Advanced, and Superior level students.

For additional eligibility requirements such as minimum GPA, click here.

Possible U.S. credits: 12-16 semester credits. Normal course load is 5-6 classes per semester.

Final transcript is issued by Carlos III. All classes are taken with foreign and Spanish students.

Universidad Carlos III – Madrid Course Offerings

Hispanic Studies Courses for High Intermediate and Advanced levels

The Cursos de Estudios Hispánicos (Hispanic Studies Program) at Universidad Carlos III is recommended for students with strong preparation in Spanish who wish to study various facets of Spanish culture in an integrated program: Literature, History, Theater, Art, Economics, Cinema, Journalism, Politics, Spanish Culture, and more. The Hispanic Studies program also offers Spanish Language classes at 4 different levels: High Intermediate, Advanced, High Advanced, and Superior.

Courses are taken with other international students.  This program is recommended for students at the High Intermediate, Advanced, or Superior levels.  Classes are worth 3 U.S. semester credits/6 ECTS (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System.) Students will take 5-6 classes per semester. It is mandatory to take Spanish Language, unless you are a native speaker.

All students must have 8-10 courses pre-approved by their home institution. This will give you back-ups in case of changes in availability or schedule conflicts, as your final class schedule will not be confirmed until after arrival.

Classes are worth 3 U.S. semester credits / 6 ECTS.  ECTS = European Credit Transfer System.

Cursos de Humanidades – Direct Enroll with Spaniards

This is the liberal arts curriculum that is a general degree requirement for local Spanish students at Carlos III. Its one- and two-credit courses range from Art, Literature, History, Geography, Philosophy, and Political Science to Cultural topics. These courses may extend from semester to semester or be offered at various times during the semester (for example, during the first half, second half, or during fewer weeks with more contact hours). While the Cursos de Estudios Hispánicos course offerings are announced weeks or months in advance, the Cursos de Humanidades courses are scheduled and announced only near the beginning of each semester. The following is a list of course titles in the Licenciatura en Humanidades, 1-2 credit liberal arts courses meant to round out the educations of Carlos III students, whatever their majors.

The most recent Humanidades courses can be accessed through the links at www.uc3m.es/portal/page/portal/cursos_humanidades/hum_denomina_grados. Select ficha and cronograma after each course title to access course descriptions and syllabi.

Engineering Courses in English or Spanish

Students who wish to study Engineering in Madrid may enroll as alumnos visitantes at the bilingual program in Engineering (Ingeniería) at Carlos III (Leganés Campus). ASA students can take introductory and advanced courses in a variety of Engineering fields, as well as fundamental courses in Math, Physics, and Statistics. Through this bilingual program, students may choose to take courses either in Spanish or in English, though certain courses are conducted in Spanish only. Students who wish to take electives in the Humanities and Social Sciences in addition to courses in Engineering can arrange to take CEH courses on the Getafe Campus of Carlos III (see above for CEH program details), but must have at least an intermediate level of Spanish language skills to enroll.

Here is a list of the engineering programs that are offered at Carlos III. Visit the links to see program curriculums and obtain course descriptions.  (Courses listed on the website in green are taught in English as well as Spanish)