2019-2020 Semester Programs: Institut Catholique


Spring Semester II 2019 – Paris, France $13,995 Arrive Feb. 4, 2019 – Depart June 1, 2019 PFSP2
Fall Semester II 2019 – Paris, France $13,995 Arrive Sept. 14, 2019 – Depart Dec. 21, 2019 PFF2
Spring Semester II 2020 – Paris, France $14,295 Arrive Feb. 3, 2020 – Depart May 30, 2020 PFSP2

Language Eligibility: All levels of French

For additional eligibility requirements such as minimum GPA, click here.Total contact hours: Students spend 2-4 hours in class per week for each course.

Possible U.S. Credits:  Students take 4-5 courses per semester worth 3-4 semester credits each.

Final transcript is issued by Institut Catholique. 

Institut Catholique – Course Offerings 
The following are some of the courses in Theology, Philosophy, Teaching, Literature, Economics, and the Social Sciences that have been offered by the Institut Catholique to our advanced French students in the past:

Faculty of Theology and Religious Sciences

Introduction to the New Testament
Ethnological Approach to African Religions
Introduction to Islam
Islam in France
Introduction to Buddhism
Introduction to Hinduism
Chinese Traditions
Symbols, Myths, and Rites in Religion
Atheism in Contemporary Thought
Initiation to Classic Judaism
Jewish People and the Church

Faculty of Philosophy

General Philosophy
Initiation to the Practice of Philosophy
Introduction to Greek Philosophy
The Philosophy of Knowledge
Initiation to Psychoanalysis
Introduction to Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
Moral and Political Philosophy

Institute of Higher Education

Introduction to European Education Systems
Religious Cultures, Wisdom, Modernity, and Education

Faculty of Social Sciences and Economics

General Sociology
Political Economics and Analysis
Political Science
International Relations
Islam and the Political Problems of the Middle East

Faculty of Arts

Study of Literary Sets
Comprehensive Study of Two Works – Course
Comprehensive Study of Two Works – TD