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ASA is pleased to offer Semester internship opportunities in Aix-en-Provence! Internships are NOT stand-alone, but are done in tandem with semester coursework at IAU.  (Internships are not available during the summer.)

Internships are available to students with an Advanced level of French (at least 4 semesters of college French or equivalent) and are worth 3 semester credits. Not available during summer sessions.

All internships are unpaid.

Internship Opportunities in Aix-en-Provence, France


Adapting to a new culture involves not only learning the language and culture but also a better understanding of the work environment and how methods and habits may differ from your home setting. IAU provides access to unpaid internships available at local enterprises for Fall and Spring semester students. (Internships are not available during the summer.) Interested students should have completed at least 4 semesters of college French and provide their résumé before the start of the semester.

Pre-Interviews for these positions will be conducted within the first week of the semester. Most internships will allow for a 10-day trial period, after which the commitment cannot be broken. The internships listed below are the regular positions we offer students. We are constantly in the process of recruiting new positions so requests for particular internships are accepted. Students can expect 3 units of credit for an internship.

Internship Placements Available

Ainsi de Suite
Theatre troupe organizing and engaged in numerous international tours (Ethiopia, U.S., Cyprus, Israel)
Position: Communication (1 position available)
Job Description: Enhancing image of the theatre and its website, help setting up performances, attend theatre classes as well as play rehearsals

Aix City Local News
A weekly newspaper covering national issues with a focus on Aix and the surrounding region.
Position: Journalism (1 position available)
Job Description: Learn about the editorial process, attend editorial meetings, write short articles in French and in English for online and paper publication

Atelier Cézanne
Cézanne’s home transformed into a memorial and museum as well as a cultural space.
Position: Tourism (1 position available)
Job Description: Participate in the workshop’s activities, visitor reception, train as a guide for visitors

Boulangerie des Platanes
This is a typical bakery selling various types of breads and pastries as well as products for French style fast-food service.
Position: Salesperson (1 position available)
Job Description: Sale of products in the shop, learn the management of a typical French bakery, interact with clientele
British American Institute
Private language school for adults, children and professionals. The school specializes in French and English classes and organizing language learning abroad.
Position: Pedagogical Administration (2 positions available)
Job Description: Check and verify organization of courses (numerous tasks), reception, teaching conversation courses

France Advisory Properties
A start-up broker in prestige and investment real estate.
Position: Sales/Marketing (1 position available)
Job Description: Aid with marketing materials, develop and implement sales marketing strategy in prestige and investment real estate, correspond directly with clients (sale relations, phoning, site visits, participation in negotiations, etc.), foreign language ability beyond French is an advantage with international clients
Private language school, member of a global organization of 350 schools worldwide. The school focuses largely on adult education in a professional environment (25 languages).
Position: Marketing (1 position available)
Job Description: Initiation to sales and marketing, accompany marketing director to assist and take part in creating contracts with company clients, test and assess new participants and place them in appropriate courses, reception, teaching a language course

Law Offices
Organization is underway. Two positions will be available.

Librairie le Blason
Bookstore specializing in Provençal culture. Regularly hosts expositions, events, book signings and lectures.
Position: Sales/Communication (1 position available)
Job Description: Helping in the store, website maintenance, preparation for events, expositions, book signings

So Art
Events communications agency. Company helps clients with conception, production and promotion of its events such as seminars, conventions, teambuilding, company parties and any operations dealing with public relations.
Position: Management/Marketing/Communication (1 position available)
Job Description: Researching partners and artists, contacting potential clients, logistical support for events, client feedback

Théâtre du Ruban Vert
A multicultural space composed of a theatre-workshop with theatre classes, an art and photography gallery, an acting company, theatrical and musical programming and events (expos, shows, parties).
Position: Marketing (1 position available)
Job Description: Initiation of sales and marketing, accompany marketing director to help and take part in creating contracts with company clients, test and assess new participants and place them in appropriate courses, reception, teaching a language course

A travel agency specializing in business tourism and leisure activities for businesses. The company organizes trips and events in order to strengthen contacts between business collaborations and customers and/or partners in the form of seminars, theme outings, weekends and sojourns.
Position: Marketing, Webmaster or Sales/Communication (1 position available)
Job Description: Marketing – creating brochures, finding new products, creating supplier dossiers. Webmaster – managing and developing the website, creating mailings for clients, graphic design. Sales/Communication – developing the sales network, product offers to clients, gathering client information, targeting range of products

What to Expect in your Internship
An internship is an opportunity to gain some experience in the field in which you wish to have a career. It is also a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in your classes and gain networking contacts. That said, you need to be open-minded about the type of work you’ll be doing. For example, you may be assigned entry level work, such as making photocopies, filing, etc. However, if you “prove yourself” by producing quality work and showing your commitment to the job, the level of work assigned to you may improve. You will very likely need to earn the trust of your supervisor first, which may take a little time.

You will participate in a mandatory Orientation after you arrive in Aix-en-Provence. This will be a huge help in understanding what will be expected of you, what resources you have for support while in Aix-en-Provence, and ultimately in having a successful internship! Pre-Interviews for internsips will be conducted within the first week of the semester. Most internships will allow for a 10-day trial period, after which the commitment cannot be broken.

Throughout the semester the following will be required of you:

-Pre-interview in first week
-Three written reports in French throughout the semester (2-3 pages)
-One final report in French at end of the semester (5-6 pages)

In addition, before applying, please read the following helpful info: What to expect in an internship, and what NOT to do during your internship!

Applying for an Internship

Applicants must have completed at least 4 semester of college French or equivalent.

In addition to your ASA program application and required documents (click here) students will be required to submit a CV (résumé) in Word format to info@academicstudies.com.

What happens next?

After we receive your résumé, you may be asked to revise it before it is sent to potential placements.

Once you arrive in Aix-en-Provence, a “pre-interview” will be scheduled for you with the IAU internship placement team. The purpose of this “pre-interview” will be to get an idea of what would be a suitable placement as well as to work on designing a project that you will follow.

Once a possible placement has been located for you, you may interview with the organization via phone or Skype. As with any job interview, there is no guarantee that you will be hired. However, in the past we have been able to find placements for the vast majority of applicants! If after your first interview you are not hired, we will continue searching for another placement for you.

To have the best possible chance of being hired, here are a few tips about the interview process:

-Take the interview seriously – you are interviewing for a job. If interviewing via Skype, dress appropriately and choose a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted or distracted. Consider what will appear behind you on the computer screen!

-You will need to interview well, as it will ultimately determine whether or not you are hired. Do your research about the company prior to the interview and have a brief list of questions or things you would like to know about the company, if asked.

If hired, please be aware that the company is making a significant investment of their time and resources. Likewise, by accepting an internship, you are making a commitment to that organization, which should be taken seriously. You will be expected to complete your internship in full, from start to finish, and put forth your best effort while working there. Don’t worry – our on-site orientation after you arrive in Aix-en-Provence will help you understand what is expected of you. As long as you follow the advice given during orientation, you should have a successful internship experience!