2018-2019 Semester Programs: London South Bank University

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Possible U.S. Credits: 16 semester credits per semester. Normal course load is 4 classes (modules) per semester.

Final transcript is issued by London South Bank University.


London South Bank University – Semester Course Offerings

*COURSES (MODULES) ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. All students MUST get a total of 8 modules approved by their academic advisor, in case of changes in course availability or scheduling. That way, if a class is full or cancelled, or if there are schedule conflicts between your top choices, you’ll have back-up classes you know your school will accept. When you pre-register for classes (this happens after you’re accepted), you will have to list a total of 8 possible modules, in order of preference.


All ASA students must take one required core course, plus 3 additional modules of their choosing. For the required core course, you may choose from: London: A City of Change (20 CATS / 4 U.S. semester credits) or Made in London (20 CATS / 4 U.S. semester credits). Students attending the full academic year will be required to take the core class only during the Fall semester.  You must get a total of 8 modules approved by your home institution (core course + 7 additional modules of your choosing) in case of cancellations or schedule changes later on.

Most modules offered at LSBU are worth 20 CATS, which is equivalent to 4 semester credits. (CATS is the academic credit system used in the UK. 5 CATS = 1 U.S. semester credit.) However, some modules are worth 15 CATS (3 semester credits). We do not recommend you enroll in a module worth only 10 CATS.

Modules are organized by levels. Level 4 is sophomore, Level 5 is junior, and Level 6 is senior. Please note that Level 6 modules are academically challenging and are recommended only for junior and senior students who have already covered the topic in depth.

Please click the following link for Module Offerings & Descriptions.  (NOTE: Module offerings and timetables are subject to change.)

LSBU Fall 2017 & Spring 2018 Course Offerings and Descriptions

Here is a list of Subject Areas available at LSBU.


Arts and Festival Management
Creative Advertising
Creative Writing
Digital Design
Film Practice
Film Studies
Sound Design
Theater Technologies/Drama and Performance
Visual Effects


Building Services, Sustainability and Acoustics
Built Environment


Business, Enterprise and Management
Management and Leadership
Accounting and Finance


Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
Computer Science and Informatics
Information Technology
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Electrical Engineering and Power Electronics
Engineering Product Design
Mechanical Engineering
Product Design


Human Geography
Gender Studies
Political Science
Public Relations
Social Sciences
Tourism, Hospitality, Events and Entertainment
Urban and Environmental Studies