2018-2019 Semester Program: Latin American Studies and Spanish Language at the Universidad de Belgrano

Spring Semester 2019 – Buenos Aires, Argentina $12,695 Arrive Feb. 23, 2019 – Depart June 14, 2019 BAS1
Spring Semester 2019 + Intensive Month – Buenos Aires, Argentina $15,195 Arrive Jan. 26, 2019 – Depart June 14, 2019 BAS2
Fall Semester 2019 – Buenos Aires, Argentina $12,695 Arrive July 20, 2019 – Depart Nov. 8, 2019 BAF1
Fall Semester 2019 + Intensive Month – Buenos Aires, Argentina $15,195 Arrive June 22, 2019 – Depart Nov.  8, 2019 BAF2


Language Eligibility: For all levels of Spanish.

-Beginner level is for students who have not taken Spanish before.
-Intermediate level must have completed at least 2 semesters or 3 quarters of college level Spanish.
-Advanced level must have completed at least 4 semesters or 6 quarters of college level Spanish.

For additional eligibility requirements such as minimum GPA, click here.

Total contact hours: 180-330 per semester. 15 contact hours = 1 semester credit.
10 contact hours = 1 quarter unit.

Possible U.S. Credits: 12-22 semester credits per semester.

Final transcript is issued by the Universidad de Belgrano.  Classes are taken with other American and foreign students.

Buenos Aires, Argentina: Semester Course Offerings at Universidad de Belgrano

During the semester, all students must take a minimum of 4 classes or a maximum of 5 (this does not include the optional intensive course). If you choose to take Spanish language during the semester, that counts as one of your 4 or 5 classes. Students may combine classes taught in English and classes taught in Spanish, but an Intermediate or Advanced level of Spanish is always required to take classes in Spanish.

In order to take classes taught in Spanish, students must have completed at least 4 semesters of college Spanish. Students who have taken 3 semesters of college Spanish may also take classes in Spanish, as long as they complete the 8-credit Spanish language intensive course preceding the regular semester.

Students who plan to take all their classes in English must take Spanish Language as one of their classes – either during the month-long intensive course, or during the semester.  (If you wish, you can take Spanish during both the intensive course and the semester.)

Course offerings are subject to change.  All students MUST have a total of 8 COURSES APPROVED by their home institution, in case of changes in course availability or schedule conflicts. That way, if a class is cancelled or 2 of the classes you want to take meet at the same time, you’ll already have back-up classes that you know your school will accept. When you pre-register for classes (this happens after you’re accepted), you will have to list a total of 8 possible classes that you can take (this does not include the optional intensive course). We will not be able to pre-register you unless you provide us with 8 possible courses.

Classes worth 60 contact hours / 4 semester credits will meet twice a week for 90 minutes each session. Classes worth 30 contact hours / 2 semester credits will meet once a week. The month-long Spanish intensive course will meet 6 hours per day, Mon-Fri.

Course Descriptions

Optional Month-long Spanish Intensive Course

120 contact hours / 8 semester credits each

INT 121 Beginner Spanish Intensive Course
INT 151 Intermediate I Spanish Intensive Course (Low Intermediate)
INT 181 Intermediate II Spanish Intensive Course (High Intermediate)
INT 221 Advanced Spanish Intensive Course

Note: A placement exam will determine your level.

Spanish Language Semester Courses

*60 contact hours / 4 semester credits
**30 contact hours / 2 semester credits

SPAN 120: Beginner Spanish Language*
PORT 120: Beginner Portuguese*
SPAN 150: Intermediate Spanish Language*
SPAN 155: High Intermediate Spanish Language*
SPAN 156: Intermediate Oral Production in Spanish**
SPAN 217: Intermediate Written Production in Spanish*
SPAN 220: Advanced Spanish Language*
SPAN 225: High Advanced Spanish Language*
SPAN 226: Advanced Oral Production in Spanish**
SPAN 317: Advanced Written Production in Spanish*
SPAN 320: Sociolinguistics in Spanish*

Note: Students who complete the month-long intensive Spanish course and pass the exam for their level will be automatically enrolled in the next level for their semester-long Spanish language class. Students who do not complete the intensive course will take a placement exam, which will determine their level.

Courses taught in English

60 contact hours / 4 semester credits each

PALAS 310: Argentine Economy
PALAS 330: Social Economy in Latin America
PALAS 332: Economic Integration in Latin America (Spring semester only)
PALAS 333: International Business in the Southern Cone
PALAS 342: Race and Nation in Argentina
PALAS 360: Political and Social Change
PALAS 361: Social and Cultural Change in Argentina
PALAS 362: Latin American Cultures and Societies
PALAS 366: U.S. – Latin America Relations
PALAS 380: Gender History in Latin America
PALAS 400: Latin America in the Global Economy
PALAS 440: Latin American Literature and Cinema
PALAS 444: Human Rights and Cultural Representations

Courses taught in Spanish – for Intermediate and Advanced levels

60 contact hours / 4 semester credits each, unless noted otherwise

PEAL 260: Tango Dance (30 contact hours / 2 semester credits)
PEAL 261: Popular Culture in Argentina
PEAL 262: Latin American Cultural Studies (Spring semester only)
PEAL 264: Latin American Cinema
PEAL 302: Contemporary Argentine Art
PEAL 312: 20th Century Latin American History
PEAL 321: Latin American Literature
PEAL 322: Argentine Literature
PEAL 369: Latin American Economic History
PEAL 370: Argentine Economic History
PEAL 430: Argentine Cultural Studies (Spring semester only)