2019-2020 Semester Programs: Integrated Studies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)

Spring Semester IV 2019 – Barcelona, Spain $12,395 Arrive Jan. 4, 2019 – Depart March 31, 2019 BSS4B
Fall Semester IV 2019 – Barcelona, Spain $12,395 Arrive Sept. 17, 2019 – Depart Dec. 21, 2019 BSF4B
Spring Semester IV 2020 – Barcelona, Spain $12,395 Arrive Early Jan. 2020 – Depart Early April 2020 (TBA) BSS4B


Language Eligibility: Since courses are taken in the regular university with local students, this  ASA program is open to students with an Advanced or Superior level of Spanish. Students who are not native Spanish speakers must have completed at least 4 semesters of college Spanish, including at least one advanced (300- or 400-level) Spanish course. (Students who have completed two advanced (300- or 400-level) college Spanish courses will be better prepared.) A placement test may be administered before departure or on site in order to confirm your Spanish level. Ideal candidates are Spanish majors or minors who have completed 1-2 advanced (300- or 400-level) college Spanish courses, as well as native Spanish speakers from any degree major.

Additional Eligibility Requirements: Minimum GPA requirement is 3.0. Must be at least 18 years of age and be currently enrolled full-time at a U.S. or Canadian university or college. Must have junior or senior standing at the time of application and have completed at least 4 semesters (60 semester credits) at a U.S. or Canadian university, college, or community college before applying. Your official transcript must show the final grades for at least 4 full semesters (60 credits), not including semesters in progress. Your official transcript must also show the classes you are enrolled in during the current semester in progress, as verification that you are currently enrolled full-time. Students with junior standing by credit hours only, but who have not completed 4 semesters at the time of application, are not eligible. For complete eligibility and application guidelines, click here.

Possible U.S. Credits: 12-15 semester credits per semester. (2 ECTS = 1 U.S. semester credit. ECTS = European Credit Transfer System.)

Students will take 4-5 courses. Since courses are taken in the regular university with local students, the majority of courses offered through this program are taught in Spanish. The Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) has a limited selection of courses taught in English each semester as well. Students must be prepared to take the majority of their courses in Spanish, with possibly one or two in English (depending on availability).

Final transcript is issued by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF).  Classes are taken with other American and foreign students. Click here for Volunteer Opportunities in Barcelona

Integrated Studies Program at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) – Semester Course Offerings

Classes at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) are held at the UPF Ciutadella campus in the Barcelona city center, located near the Olympic Village and Ciutadella Park – very close to the beach. ASA program housing is conveniently located to the university. It takes most students only 15-25 minutes to get to school by subway.

The Integrated Studies Program at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) allows ASA students to take regular university classes alongside local students. Since most classes are taught in the local language (Spanish), students must have an Advanced or Superior level of Spanish in order to participate in the Integrated Studies Program. (Please scroll up for full Eligibility requirements.)

The Integrated Studies Program at UPF is an exciting opportunity for students with an Advanced or Superior level of Spanish to be able to integrate fully into a Spanish university by taking classes with local students while perfecting their language skills.

Students who do not have an Advanced/Superior level of Spanish should consider ASA’s Hispanic and European Studies Program at the UPF, which is open to any Spanish level. Additional academic options in Barcelona for all language levels can be found here.

A limited number of courses at the UPF are taught in English each semester. Offerings in English vary by subject area and by term. Students may enroll in courses in English if they have the necessary pre-requisites for that particular course’s subject area and level. (Ex: In order to take a 3rd year Journalism course that is taught in English, you must have the pre-requisites necessary to take a 3rd year Journalism course – e.g. have already taken 2-3 previous courses in Journalism or a related area.) Courses taught in English that are part of the 1st or 2nd year of a UPF degree may have fewer or no pre-requisites. It will depend on the level of that course or which year it falls within its degree.

Since a limited number of courses are taught in English each semester, students should expect to take most of their courses in Spanish and, therefore, have achieved an Advanced or Superior Spanish level before studying at the UPF.

ASA students attending the Integrated Studies Program at the UPF may take courses integrated with local students within the following UPF facultades (schools):  





  • UPF School of Law
    • Degrees:
    • Criminology and Public Prevention Policies
    • Labor Relations
    • Law





All students MUST have DOUBLE the number of courses approved by their home institution than they actually plan to take because your class schedule will not be confirmed until after arrival. The final list of offerings and schedules for a semester – including which courses are being taught in Spanish and which are being taught in English – are typically not finalized until right before the semester begins. Students must be flexible about which courses they will take and be aware that they will not confirm exactly what they will be taking until after arrival. Ex: If you plan to take 4 courses, have a total of 8 approved. If you plan to take 5 courses, have a total of 10 approved. The more flexible you can be, the more options you will have in terms of courses and scheduling after you arrive.

Volunteer Opportunities

Participation in volunteer opportunities in Barcelona is an excellent way to immerse yourself in your host country’s way of life while helping those in need. In effect, this will add another dimension to the study abroad experience through daily exposure and interactions, resulting in a greater understanding of the language, culture, and community of the host country.

If you’re interested in volunteering, simply ask your Barcelona ASA Site Director for details after you arrive.  Please note that these volunteer opportunities are not for credit. This is a great way to practice your Spanish, as the people involved with these organizations normally do not speak English.

The following are the volunteer opportunities in which students can participate:

  • Cottolengo Hospital: Students volunteer at this hospital by assisting disabled patients during lunch or dinner time. This is a charity hospital run by nuns and they would love to have students help out.
  • Catalan Cerebral Palsy Organization: Students will assist disabled individuals on a weekly basis, helping them to train for different sports, such as Boccia, Slalom and swimming.  Some of the athletes will attend the Special Olympic Games.
  • International Red Cross: Students will assist senior citizens or disabled individuals on a weekly basis.