2019-2020 Classes + Internship Programs: Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy

Spring Semester 2019 – Classes + Internship in Sorrento, Italy Arrive Jan. 13, 2019 – Depart May 4, 2019 click here for price SOISPA, SOISPB
Summer I 2019 – Classes + Internship in Sorrento, Italy Arrive May 26, 2019 – Depart June 29, 2019 click here for price SOISU1A, SOISU1B, SOISU1C, SOISU1D
Summer II 2019 – Classes + Internship in Sorrento, Italy Arrive June 30, 2019 – Depart Aug. 3, 2019 click here for price SOISU2A, SOISU2B, SOISU2C, SOISU2D
Fall Semester 2019 – Classes + Internship in Sorrento, Italy Arrive Aug. 25, 2019 – Depart Dec. 14, 2019 click here for price SOIFA, SOIFB
Spring Semester 2020 – Classes + Internship in Sorrento, Italy TBA click here for price SOISPA, SOISPB


ASA is pleased to offer Summer and Semester for-credit internship opportunities in Sorrento, Italy!  Semester internships are NOT stand-alone, but are done in tandem with coursework at Sant’Anna Institute, including one Italian Language class.  (Summer internships may be stand-alone.)

Internship credits are contingent upon completion of the course requirements and factor into the total number of credits a student is allowed to take during their academic term.  

Because an internship is an opportunity to gain experience outside the classroom, and the benefit of doing an internship extends far beyond the academic credits you earn, please be aware that you will work more hours than the equivalent number of in-class credits.  A 3-credit class requires 45 in-class hours. A 3-credit internship requires you to complete 135 work hours; a 6-credit internship requires 270 work hours.

All internships are unpaid.

Semester & Summer Internships in Sorrento, Italy

Participating in an internship during your study abroad program is a fantastic way to gain work experience, meet Italian people, and add a unique bullet point to your résumé! Past students have, across the board, felt that doing an internship was 100% worthwhile, as the benefits extend far beyond the classroom.  It is a wonderful way to “get out into the world” and meet people outside the ASA group or your peer group at school, while earning credit at the same time.  You will have the opportunity to experience Italian culture in a much deeper and more hands-on way than your classmates who aren’t doing internships!

While it is very helpful to know some Italian before your internship, it is not a requirement.  If possible, it would help to take 1 semester of Italian or do an at-home Italian course before doing an internship in Sorrento. This will allow you get even more out of your internship and your stay in Italy.

Semester students have the option to participate in an internship for 3 or 6 credits.  They will also maintain a full semester course load totaling 12 to 15 credits, including one mandatory Italian Language course, while pursuing their internship.  Ex: If you do a 6-credit internship, to reach the 12-credit minimum, you must take 2 additional classes (one of which will be Italian Language).  To earn a total of 15 credits while doing a 6-credit internship, you would take 3 classes in addition to the 6-credit internship (again, one of your classes must be Italian Language).  (Click here for Semester Course Offerings.)

Summer students may participate in one 3-credit internship per 5-week Summer session.  Students who want to do a 6-credit internship would need to enroll in both the Summer I and Summer II sessions (totaling 10 weeks).  Summer students who enroll in one 5-week session may also earn a total of 6 credits by taking one 3-credit Italian language class along with their 3-credit internship.   (Keep in mind that in terms of hours, a 3-credit internship is the equivalent of taking 3 classes. You must complete 135 work hours for a 3-credit internship, vs. 45 class hours for a 3-credit class. Students who choose to do an internship plus a class during a summer session will have a very busy schedule!)  (Click here for Summer Course Offerings.)

Although this has already been mentioned once on this page, it is important to remember that you will complete more internship work hours than you get credit for.  A 3-credit internship requires 135 work hours. A 6-credit internship requires 270 work hours.  The additional hours are worthwhile, as the benefits of participating extend far beyond the classroom!

Semester students interested in interning are encouraged to take the above into consideration when choosing how many classes to take.  Semester students participating in an internship are encouraged to take a total of 12 credits instead of 15, since the internship will take up more of your time than the equivalent number of in-class credits.


Example Internship Placements

Although the Sant’Anna Institute does their very best to find an internship in your top choice area of interest, we cannot guarantee a placement in your top choice area of interest.  For this reason, internship applicants must have at least 2 areas of interest in mind when they apply.  In addition, we cannot guarantee a placement at any particular firm or organization.  (Please scroll down for additional important information on what to expect in your internship.)

Arts & Humanities


Business, Marketing


Hospitality & Tourism


Social Sciences


Natural and Health Sciences


What to Expect in your Internship 

An internship is an opportunity to gain some experience in the field in which you wish to have a career.  It is also a great opportunity to apply what you’ve learned in your classes and gain networking contacts.  That said, you need to be open-minded about the type of work you’ll be doing.  For example, you may be assigned entry level work, such as making photocopies, filing, etc.  However, if you “prove yourself” by producing quality work and showing your commitment to the job, the level of work assigned to you may improve.  You will very likely need to earn the trust of your supervisor first, which may take a little time.
You will participate in a mandatory Internship Orientation after you arrive in Sorrento.  This will be a huge help in understanding what will be expected of you, what resources you have for support while in Sorrento, and ultimately in having a successful internship!  Because you will be doing this internship for credit, there will be academic requirements in order to earn credit, such as papers or projects that must be submitted to the Institute’s Internship Coordinator by specific deadlines.  During the Internship Orientation, you will find out about these requirements and deadlines.


In addition, before applying, please read the following helpful info:


Applying for an Internship & FAQ’s

In order to apply for an internship, the following items are required: 

Applicants must be of junior or senior standing at a U.S. or Canadian university, college, or community college.

In addition to the ASA online application form and required documents (click here) you will be required to submit the following to info@academicstudies.com:

  1. Sant’Anna Institute Internship Application Form (click here).
  2. CV (résumé) in Word format – This is the most important part of your application.  If accepted, we can provide revisions in order to make your internship application as successful as possible.
  3. One employer recommendation letter.
  4. One page personal statement describing personal and academic reasons for wanting to intern and study in Italy.

Please note that in order for your application to be successful, you must be knowledgeable about the field in which you wish to intern.  This means you must choose 2 areas of interest with which you are familiar and have some experience with in coursework, work experience, and/or volunteer experience.  In other words, if you apply for an internship in a field with which you are not very familiar, your application has a lower chance of being accepted.

What happens next?  

After we receive all of the above items,  your application will be reviewed and we will send you an email to let you know if you are accepted.  You may be asked to revise your CV.  (Please note: being accepted means we have agreed to find you a placement.  The actual placement process will take longer, and you will receive your internship assignment via email shortly before departure.)

An interview with the internship placement team in Sorrento will be scheduled with you via Skype.  The purpose of this interview will be to get an idea of what would be a suitable placement for you according to your skills and interests, as well as to work on designing a project that you will follow.

Please be aware that the company is making a significant investment of their time and resources.  Likewise, by accepting an internship, you are making a commitment to that organization, which must be taken seriously.

You will be expected to complete your internship in full and complete all of the work hours associated with your placement.  For example, if you sign up for a 6-credit internship and find that it’s more work than you expected, you will not be allowed to change to a 3-credit internship, as you have already committed to the number of work hours associated with a 6-credit internship.  

In addition, you will be expected to put forth your best effort at all times.  Just like going to class is required and any absences are documented, likewise, you are required to show up for work – on time, every time.  No-shows are taken very seriously.  Repeated no-shows or general lack of commitment to your internship can result in your placement being revoked, in which case you would not receive the credits you planned to earn.

Don’t worry – our on-site orientation after you arrive in Sorrento will help you understand what is expected of you.  In addition, our on-site staff in Sorrento will share with you key cultural factors about the Italian work environment, and on your first day of work they will accompany you to your workplace, introduce you, and have an initial meeting with both you and your employers.  During the term, our on-site staff in Sorrento will meet you with you weekly to review the successes and challenges in your job, as well as goals for the upcoming week and provide any advice or assistance you may need.

When will I know where I’m going to intern?

Most students receive their placements via email 1-2 weeks before the internship begins.

For more information regarding expectations and process, please refer to Sant’Anna Institute’s Internship Manual.