2018 Spring Semester Program: The IAU School of Humanities and Social Sciences & The French Honors Program

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Language Eligibility: open to all levels of French.

For additional eligibility requirements such as minimum GPAclick here.

Possible U.S. Credits: 15-18 semester credits per semester

Final transcript is issued by IAU (Institute for American Universities).  Classes are taken with other American students. Some classes carry additional course fees which are not included in the ASA program fee.

If your college or university requires an official transcript from an accredited U.S. institution, you are able to receive one from Truman State University for an additional fee of $500. (If you require a TSU transcript, please be sure to notify us at least 3 months prior to departure.)

*Some classes carry additional fees , which are not included with the ASA program fee, to cover course-specific materials or mandatory academic excursions.  Details are below.

Aix-en-Provence, France: The School of Humanities and Social Sciences at IAU – Semester Course Offerings

All students MUST get a total of 8 classes approved by their academic advisor, in case of changes in course availability or schedule conflicts. That way, if a class is full or cancelled, or if 2 of the classes you want to take meet at the same time, you’ll already have back-up classes that you know your school will accept. When you pre-register for classes (this happens after you’re accepted), you will have to list a total of 8 possible classes on your registration form, in order of preference.

Students at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences take 5, 3-credit courses per semester of their choosing; at least one of these must be a French language course. Students who have never taken French before must enroll in FRE 101-102 (6 credits).

Students participating in the French Honors Program will take a mandatory, 4-credit French Honors seminar course, plus 4 additional courses of their choosing, taught in French at the 300- or 400- level. Students participating in the French Honors Program may take 1 elective in English, if they wish. More details about the French Honors Program can be found below!

All courses with course number FRE are taught in French. All other courses are taught in English, unless otherwise noted.

CLICK HERE for Spring 2018 Course Offerings & Class Schedule!

CLICK HERE for Course Descriptions/Syllabi

Course offerings and schedules are subject to change.

*SOME CLASSES CARRY ADDITIONAL FEES, WHICH ARE NOT INCLUDED WITH THE ASA PROGRAM FEE.  Students who enroll in a Studio Art course will incur an additional $260 materials fee.  Students who enroll in a Wine Studies course will incur an additional $150 materials fee.  Students who enroll in a Photography course will incur an additional $150 materials fee.  Students who enroll in a Sculpture course will incur an additional $260 materials fee.  Students who enroll in a Filmmaking course will incur an additional $150 materials fee.  Students who enroll in “French Civilization in Provence” will incur an additional $150 fee for mandatory academic excursions.  Students who enroll in “Exploring Impressionism” will incur a $775 fee for a mandatory academic excursion (Paris, overnight).  Additional courses besides these may carry additional fees; if so, this will be indicated at the Course Offerings link above.  


French Honors Program

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences now offers a French Honors Program during both semester and summer programs! The French Honors Program is designed for advanced French students and French majors as an opportunity to live and study in a 100% French-speaking environment. This program offers students full immersion into their classrooms, French homestays, excursions, and optional internships. (Internships are available only during semester programs.)

To be eligible, students should have taken at least 4 semesters of college level French (or equivalent) and must be recommended for the program by their home institutions. For further details about the French Honors program, click here!

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are available for semester students at The School of Humanities and Social Sciences! An advanced level of French is required (4 semesters of college French). For more information about internship opportunities in Aix-en-Provence, please CLICK HERE!

January Term Traveling Seminar

The January Term Traveling Seminar is a 2 to 3-week trip where students travel to several different countries during one trip and earn credit for 1 class at the same time. We offer several different J-Term trips, each of which has a different academic focus and brings students to a different set of countries and cities. The academic component of each J-Term trip consists of a series of lectures from leading European academic, literary, political personalities and experts. Participants will attend daily lectures and meetings with distinguished scholars from IAU, in addition to local guides and experts in the field of politics, history and culture.

For full details on our January Term Traveling Seminar trips, please click here!

Early Start Program

ASA is pleased to offer an Early Start Program in conjunction with our Fall and Spring Semester programs in Aix-en-Provence. The Early Start Program begins one week before the semester starts and is designed to help students at any French level get the most out of their semester. Early Start is an opportunity for students to brush up on their French in a fun and relaxed environment. In addition, you’ll have an extra week to settle in and get adjusted to life in France. If you haven’t taken French in a while or are just feeling unsure about your language ability, the Early Start program will help you feel more comfortable. Students who participate in Early Start will earn 1 credit, consisting of 15 in-class hours.

For full details on the Early Start Program, please click here!