Accepted Students

What happens once I’m accepted?

  • You’ll receive an email from us regarding your admission 2-3 business days after receiving your complete application package including all required application documents.
  • Accepted students must visit our Information Library and read our Guide to Study Abroad! STUDENT VISA INFORMATION is available in our Information Library, and our Guide to Study Abroad will answer many of your pre-departure questions about financial aid, housing, how much spending money you should bring, booking your flight, cell phones, Internet access, and more.
  • Once you’re accepted, there will be additional paperwork for you to complete, as well as other tasks such as making financial arrangements to pay your program fees, booking your flight and applying for a student visa (if applicable).
  • If you’re planning to pay for the program with financial aid, it’s important you read our Financial Aid Guidelines!

If you have received an email from ASA saying you’re accepted, read the Checklist that was sent to you.  This checklist tells you exactly what you need to do now that you’re accepted.  Deadlines are clearly indicated on the checklist.

If you have NOT received an email from ASA saying you’re accepted, please DO NOT fill out any of the forms below! You need to be accepted to the program first. To apply, see the “How to Apply” header at the top of this page.

Housing Assignments: You will receive confirmation of your housing assignment 1-2 weeks prior to departure, via email.



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