2018 Summer Program: Maynooth University


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Total contact hours: 90 per summer session. 15 contact hours = 1 semester credit.
10 contact hours = 1 quarter unit.

Possible U.S. Credits: 6 semester credits. Normal course load is 2 modules per summer session.

Final transcript is issued by National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Dublin, Ireland: Maynooth University – Summer Course Offerings

At Maynooth University, classes or courses are called “modules.” An undergraduate degree program is called a “course.”

Students will take 2 modules per summer session. Classes are held for 4 hours a day, Monday through Thursday. Number of credits per module is noted with the listing. Modules in the Maynooth Summer Program are split into two streams. This is done for scheduling purposes, so students may not enroll in two modules within the same stream. When looking at the course offerings, students must select one module from Stream A and one module from Stream B.

All students MUST get a total of 4 modules approved by their academic advisor, in case of changes in module availability. 2 modules from Stream A (your first choice and an alternate) as well as two modules from Stream B (your first choice and an alternate) must be approved. This way, if a module is full or cancelled, you’ll already have back-ups that you know your school will accept for credit. When you pre-register for modules (this happens after you’re accepted), you will have a total of 4 possible modules on your registration form, in order of preference. Maynooth University will not process your registration unless you list a total of 4 modules.

Maynooth University typically offers the following modules  during the summer session. Module offerings are subject to change. Module descriptions can be found here under the “Learning” tab.


AN 303 Introduction to the Anthropology of Ireland (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

EC 217 Economics of the European Union (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits) *Pre-req: Introduction to Microeconomics

EC 318 International Trade (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)  Pre-req: Intermediate Economics

EN 001 Public Speaking and Communication (7.5 ECTS/4 U.S. credits)

EN 272 Creative Writing (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

ID 202 The Cultural Heritage of Medieval Society (7.5 ECTS/4 U.S. credits)

GY 327 Environmental Politics (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

HY 273 Ireland and the Great Famine (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

MN 313 International Marketing (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)


EN 107 Literary Criticism and Theory (7.5 ECTS/4 U.S. credits)

EN 254 Irish Studies I – Modern Irish Literature (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

ID 201 Introducing the Cultural Heritage of Early Ireland (7.5 ECTS/4 U.S. credits)

GY 324 Women, Gender and Society (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

HY 254 Pilgrimage, Travel and Tourism in Ireland (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

LS 20 Irish Art and Architecture 1600-1900 (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

MC 101 Understanding Conflict: The Irish Experience (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)

MN 215 Managing in International Environments (5 ECTS/3 U.S. credits)