This page is here to help you know what to expect with regard to transcripts and grades.  

After you complete the ASA program, your host institution abroad will send your final transcript directly to ASA.  ASA will then email you a PDF copy so you can see your grades, as well as send the official copy to your home institution by UPS with tracking.

How long will it take to receive my transcript?

PLEASE BE AWARE! Universities abroad take much longer to issue grades and transcripts than universities in the U.S., and this is something over which ASA has no control.  Typically, we receive final transcripts about 2-3 months after your program’s end date.  Once we receive your transcript, we are usually able to process it and send to your home institution within 2 weeks.

Can my transcript be expedited?

Most U.S. universities are aware that study abroad transcripts take extra time to arrive. However, sometimes students need a transcript sooner for financial aid purposes, insurance, graduation, etc.  If there is a specific date by which you need your transcript, please notify ASA immediately by calling 888-845-4272.   The majority of the time, we have no control over how quickly your transcript is issued, but if we’re aware of your situation, we will try to help you if we can.  In addition, while you’re waiting for your transcript, we can also issue a letter confirming you were enrolled, and in some cases, we may be able to get an unofficial grade report for you while your transcript is being finalized.

How do I know what grades I got? The grading system is different.

More than likely, the grades on your transcript won’t be in the American format.  If that is the case, ASA will provide your home institution with a suggested grade translation chart, for reference purposes only.  However, it is ultimately up to your home institution to determine your grade equivalencies.  ASA does not have the ability to change or manipulate grades or grade equivalencies. 

How can I be sure I will receive credit for the classes I took abroad?

ASA cannot guarantee that any student will receive transfer credit.  All students who participate on an ASA program must obtain pre-approval for participation and credit transfer from the institution to which they plan to transfer the credits.  Pre-approval is usually obtained through your institution’s Study Abroad Office or Office of International Education.  It is solely the responsibility of the student to ensure that all courses taken and credits earned will transfer back to your home institution.

Why aren’t my study abroad classes showing up on my home university record yet?

It can take 4-6 weeks for your study abroad classes and/or grades to appear on your home institution record, once they have received your final transcript.  If your transcript has been sent to your school but your grades have not appeared on your record yet, you’ll need to check with your school’s Study Abroad Office or Registrar’s Office.

Will the actual grades transfer into my GPA, or will I receive pass/fail grades for my study abroad classes?

The transcript you will receive after completing an ASA program WILL have actual grades/marks (NOT pass/fail grades).  However, whether the grade transfers into your GPA is entirely determined by your home institution.  This policy varies from school to school.  Some schools transfer the actual grades back in, which means your GPA is affected by the grades you got when you were abroad.  Other schools transfer in some or all of your classes pass/fail.  In some cases, you must make a formal request to your home institution before you depart to be able to take a class pass/fail.  Please check with your home institution’s Study Abroad Office to find out about their policy.

I need additional transcripts to apply to grad school / transfer to a different school / etc.  How to request this?

Please call ASA at 888-845-4272 or send an email to  Additional transcripts cost $20 each and are sent by UPS 2-day service, with tracking.  You will need to provide ASA with the complete address of where to send the transcript, including the physical street address (NO PO BOXES). UPS does not deliver to PO Boxes.  Please provide: University/college name; Department/ATTN person; Street address; City; State; Zip code. To pay for a single transcript request, click here.  It usually takes 7-10 business days to process transcript requests.