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ASA’s student medical insurance benefits and emergency support are second to none in the international education field. The following benefits are included in every ASA program, at no additional cost. We include insurance with every program because it provides an added level of security and support beyond what your U.S. medical insurance plan will cover.



The following are some of the benefits our comprehensive medical insurance provides:

  • 100% coverage with no deductible for up to $250,000 of Medical Expenses per Covered Accident or Sickness.

  • Pre-existing conditions are covered up to a maximum of $10,000.

  • Access to the doctor or hospital of your choice, whether public or private

  • Emergency Medical Reunion, which provides a budget of up to $13,500 for a parent to visit their son/daughter if they are hospitalized for more than 5 days

  • Up to $100,000 coverage for Security Evacuations

  • Up to $100,000 coverage for Emergency Medical Evacuation

  • Up to $100,000 repatriation coverage

  • Trip Interruption Benefit, which provides a budget of up to $2,500 for a plane ticket home in the event the student’s trip is interrupted due to the death or unforeseen serious illness/injury of an immediate family member (spouse, child, parent or sibling)

  • Above coverage is valid worldwide (except for in the United States), so if students travel outside their host country during the official ASA program dates, they are still covered by our plan.


Insurance Documents for Download:




ASA is one of the only study abroad programs that includes Trip Cancellation and Interruption Insurance with every one of our programs.  Most study abroad programs offer this as an optional “add-on” for an additional fee, but we believe that all participants should have this coverage – not just those that can afford it.  

Covered reasons for cancellation or interruption include certain medical conditions, terrorism in your host city, and many other reasons. Please click here for full details about this coverage.

  • Trip Cancellation coverage: up to $4,000 per participant

  • Trip Interruption coverage: up to $5,000 per participant




ASA includes a paid license to the SAFEY Global app for every semester and summer program participant.  This app helps users stay safe while traveling and allows ASA employees, in real time, to monitor and support the safety of ASA participants who download the app onto their phone.  

SAFEY uses world-leading GPS location and communication technology to provide real-time location based warnings and advisories about disasters and other threats to our students.  In addition, it has advanced SOS and emergency signaling capabilities that can be crucial for locating and assisting users during an emergency.

Some highlights include:

  • The SAFEY app has an “SOS” button that users can press at any time if they are in trouble and need help.  When the SOS button is hit, the app will connect the user to local emergency services wherever they are in the world (e.g. the local “911”).  In addition, ASA will receive a text letting us know you need help and giving us your physical location.

  • SAFEY sends users Push Notifications with up-to-the-minute safety advisories based on their physical location.  This could include notifications about safety threats, severe weather or natural disasters near you (earthquake, flood, etc.), strikes, demonstrations, incidents, even major traffic disruptions – things students should avoid going near.




In addition to the benefits and services listed above, we maintain a 24-hour emergency phone number that students can contact at any time, as well as an emergency action plan that provides our staff with step-by-step instructions on how to handle various types of emergencies.

In case of emergency, please call our 24 hour emergency line at: (413) 221-4559

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