Where is Your Perfect

Study Abroad Program?


Any study abroad program can get you to a country and find you a place to live. It takes a certain kind of study abroad program, however, to provide you with all the tools necessary to ensure that your experience is both memorable and fulfilling.

  • SIZE

    Unlike many other study abroad programs, we keep the size of our programs small. We firmly believe that group sizes of 100+ students only hurt your ability to integrate into the culture and do not allow your site directors to get to know you.

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    Since 1999, ASA has been sending college students to study abroad in countries throughout Europe and Latin America.  Our many years of experience have helped us develop meaningful, academically challenging, and fun study abroad programs.

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    The ASA team is a group of people who are well traveled, experienced in foreign education, multi-lingual, always there to assist you, and best of all, they are people who have studied abroad themselves.  You will get personal attention from every ASA staff member!

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“ASA is a very thorough program. It is well organized and structured, yet allows for plenty of independent activity and personal responsibility. There were many times where I felt foreign, but I rarely felt like a tourist. I engaged in the culture with the ASA program, I didn’t just take a picture and a souvenir. ”


“Studying abroad with ASA was a great experience because it gave me the opportunity to be immersed in another culture and travel to places I would never have been able to visit otherwise.”


“After four months, hundreds of new friends, and 10,000 pictures, I still wasn’t ready to go home! If you’re thinking about studying abroad, DO IT!”


“ASA is a small program, but that’s what makes it so great. The personal attention can’t be beat and I made plenty of friends outside of the group.”


“I would recommend ASA to other students because not only was it a great price for what you get, but it was so much fun and the site director was great.”