Affiliate Grants

Congratulations! Since you attend a college or university that is affiliated with Academic Studies Abroad, you are eligible to receive a grant on certain ASA semester programs. Grants are automatically deducted from a student’s program fees.

The current grants are as follows. If you are applying for a different term, please check back to view those grants in the future.

FALL 2019 & SPRING 2020

Maynooth, Ireland – $500

Oxford, England – $500

Cambridge, England – $500

London, England – $250

Paris, France – $250

Sorrento, Italy – $1100 (Fall 2019) $250 (Spring 2020)

To receive your grant, start by filling out the Request Form below. Simply enter your name, U.S. university, e-mail address, cell phone number, and the city in which you want to study. Please note, to receive a grant, you must: 1) request your grant using the form below before your program’s application deadline, 2) apply for one of the program cities listed above, 3) be accepted into the program, and 4) attend the program. Grants are not transferable to other students or other ASA programs or terms.

Name *

After submitting the above form, please proceed directly to this link to fill out our online application form. Once we receive these, you will receive an email from us explaining your next steps to complete your application and get accepted to the program. Thank you!